Spiritual Journey: A 3-Day Virtual Retreat

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Embrace true healing.
Embark on a spiritual journey.
Evoke your divine blueprint. 
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Maggie O'Dea

Retreat Host, Business Consultant, Author

"I want to help everyone do this: create a life that supports us financially while being based in our own creative genius and in true healing for ourselves and for the planet."

Maggie O'Dea grew up in the oak woods in Iowa and began communicating with nature at an early age. She loved being in the forest by herself and talking to the trees. Experiencing numerous traumas in her childhood prompted her to question existence and the meaning of life. Maggie found yoga at 16 and began practicing kripalu yoga which led to her seeking out a Buddhist based education from Naropa University and Maharishi University of Management. Having a deep love of eastern philosophy and healing, Maggie has created a business program, based on the Chinese element system, to help creative entrepreneurs have a system to start, grow and scale their business.

Maggie is also currently at the editing phase of writing a book about up- leveling our economic system. She realized that our economic system is based on Newtonian principles of reality and if we shift into a Quantum based system of thinking about resources and economics we would uncover more abundance in our natural world. This book is due to be published winter of 2020.

Maggie's third love is an energetically infused body care company called Devi Mukta. Where she creates vibrational essences to put in body care using therapeutic grade essential oils to treat the entire aura/mind/body connection. To connect with her about any of these projects please do not hesitate, she loves to be of service in any way possible!!

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Jasmeen Hana
Shamanic Guide

Jasmeen Hana empowers beings from around the world to step into their authentic nature and innocent expression. Raised in Egypt she has been influenced by the temple arts from a young age. Jasmeen teaches at the Sacred Sexual Shamanic Experience retreat with the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) , she also offers Blue Lotus retreats , Egyptian Mystery school work and soul initiation work.

She has also co-founded the newly birthed Queens Forum, a network supporting the empowerment of the feminine in the fields of business, currency and leadership.


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Dr. Betty Martin
Chiropractor, Author, Certified Surrogate Partner and Somatic Sex Educator

Betty has had her hands on people professionally for 40 years (some of it legal and some of it questionable). 30 years as a Chiropractor and then 15 years as a certified Surrogate Partner and Somatic Sex Educator. These days her passion is training other hands-on practitioners in consent skills and how to teach their clients empowered choice - so they can stop doing what they think they are supposed to do, and start doing what it is they want to do. Her class for practitioners is called Like a Pro and it has taken her all over the world. Her book, which is just being released, is The Art of Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent.

The School of Consent is a recognized learning resource for consent. We provide training and educational materials for the public and professionals, offering tools to support empowerment, safety, and connection. The School’s desire is to bring the concepts of consent and personal empowerment to as many humans as possible, using the framework of the Wheel of Consent®. We envision a world where people can speak up for what they want and what they don’t want – starting with touch, extending to community life and all the way to international politics.

Betty would like to offer retreat participants these free gifts: https://www.wheelofconsent.org/book and https://schoolofconsent.org/videos/ 

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Liz Koch 
Educator, Author, Conceptual Artist

Liz Koch is an international educator and author with 45 years of experience working focusing on kinesthetic intelligence and somatic awareness for developing human potential. The creator of Core Awareness(tm) Liz Koch is dedicated to educating both laypersons and professionals about their core tissue called Psoas. She is the author of The Psoas Book, Unraveling Scoliosis CD, Psoas & Back Pain CD, Core Awareness; Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise and Dance, and her most recent book of essays Stalking Wild Psoas: Embodying Your Core Intelligence.  Liz is also the contributing author to Manifesting Health and Happiness and the Crone in Maiden, Mother, Crone: Our Pleasure PlayList.

As an educator, author and conceptual artist I am interested in changing our perception of body by decolonizing the popular mechanistic thinking of body as an object to body as process as a means of encouraging us to nourish integrity and claim self-efficacy as creative, expressive, soulful individuals. My business reflects my values and intention.  Self-owned my work evolves out of and manifests from a deep commitment to showing up in the world. I have been in business since the early 1980's selling my books, cds, and educational workshops.

Liz would like to offer retreat participants a free pdf article called WildPsoas and is available when listeners email her at [email protected] 

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Vanessa Florence
Writer, Speaker, Healer and Artist

Transformational guide, artist and creator, Vanessa is a walking transmission of what it means to throw off the rules of conventionality and live a soul aligned life. A powerful permission granter her raw, real, honesty and passion is a force to be reckoned with.

A writer, speaker, healer and artist, she is the original mama of Dancing Eros, co-founder of Celebrating Sexuality Festival and womens spoken word event Mother Tongue her creations continue to create culture and awaken consciousness. Vanessa’s ultimate purpose is to share, express, and create from her soul, to be a bridge between the worlds of the mundane and the magic and to restore the sacredness to our culture. She currently resides in Byron Bay Australia but her work can be accessed globally via www.vanessaflorence.com 

There is a lot of amazing writing over at www.vanessaflorence.com you are welcome to devour. Also check out www.dancingeros.com 

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Annette Rugolo
Global Teacher and Speaker, Author, Environmental Healer, and Soul Guide.

Annette Rugolo is a Global Teacher and Speaker, Author, Environmental Healer, and Soul Guide. For more than 20 years, Annette has made her Transformation experience global by teaching, consulting, and mentoring over 2,000 people in more than 20 countries.

Annette’s passion is to help others navigate this new world by assisting them in aligning with their soul purpose. Through her classes, personal sessions, and environmental healing sessions, she helps raise the vibration of personal energy fields and the energy of homes while also helping others to access higher vibrational fields within themselves and the Universe. Her deep understanding and ability to connect with energy is what guides her clients and students to release emotional, mental, and karmic patterns that hold them back from living a life of purpose.

Her passion for healing environments also involves releasing lost souls, which led her to the writing her first book, Soul Whisperer: Releasing Lost Souls (2019). By understanding energy and sharing powerful tools, she teaches the importance of environments and the necessity for clearing homes and offices.

Annette studied with Marie Diamond, a pre-eminent global transformational teacher known for her role in the movie The Secret for 12 years, serving as Vice President of Marie Diamond Global for 5 years.

Annette currently resides in the Minneapolis, Minnesota metro area with her husband, Tony. Together they have 6 children and 9 grandchildren.

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Roxana Villa
Entrepreneur, Certified Natural Perfumer, Owner of Illuminated Perfume

Like the facets of a gem Roxana’s pure botanical perfumes reflect a myriad of synergistic disciplines. Professional training in aromatherapy cultivated her nose with a firm knowledge of the healing attributes found in the plant kingdom. As an award winning artist she brings gifts of storytelling, conceptual thinking and a strong visual aesthetic to her work in fragrance. These two disciplines weave seamlessly with her natural instincts into authentic expressions of olfactory art. The insignia of the honey bee, who creates a golden elixir from the flowering earth, is the beating heart and luminous soul at the core of these creations. Roxana Illuminated Perfume was birthed with an intention to bring light to the inherent beauty of nature. From her apothecary and school in Santa Fe, New Mexico Roxana mindfully formulates and pours each perfume herself, in addition to being the principal tutor for the School of Lost Arts.

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Linda Kay Klein
Author, Speaker, Founder/President of Break Free Together 

As the founder and president of Break Free Together and a personal coach, Linda Kay Klein is dedicated to helping people recover from the harm engendered by religious purity culture. Her work in this area was born out of her 15 years of research documented in her award-winning book, Pure: Inside the Evangelical Movement that Shamed a Generation of Young Women and How I Broke Free. Linda’s work has been featured by over 150 outlets from CBS to NBC, and she has presented everywhere from The Apollo’s Women of the World Festival to the 92Y SHE Summit. Linda holds an interdisciplinary Masters degree from NYU and is a trained Our Whole Lives (OWL) sexuality education facilitator. She lives in New York City with her family. To learn more, please visit LindaKayKlein.com.

Break Free Together is a community committed to claiming our stories, our bodies, and ourselves. Many of us were raised in purity culture where we learned our sexuality was shameful. Though this makes many of us want to avoid talking about sexuality at all costs, we know that doing so would not only prevent us from healing, but would prevent us from overturning the status quo around some of our most pressing cultural issues—from rape culture, to the suppression of LGBTQ+ people’s rights, to the perpetuation of problematic sex education. In other words, to create change out there, we have to start here. With ourselves. With one another. And so, we come together, using sacred yet secular story exchange to break the silence and break the shame.

For more information, please visit www.BreakFreeTogether.org 

Linda would like to offer retreat participant an excerpt from her book here: https://www.popsugar.com/news/How-Purity-Culture-Impacts-Girls-Women-45190160 

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Ilan Stephani
Somatic Teacher, Speaker, Coach 

Ilan Stephani is a cutting-edge somatic teacher, speaker, and coach. Her visionary research focusses on cultural taboos, embodiment tools, sexuality and collective trauma. She gained nation-wide attention with her bestselling book "Skin and Games – What Sexwork Taught Me About Love". 

Ilan Stephani offers online trainings and in-person retreats and her work got described as an "avantgarde embodiment training for warriors“. She teaches in both German and English. 

Ilan would like to offer retreat participants: https://ilanstephani.com/loveandrage/ 

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Michelle Boulé
Transformational Life Coach, Healer, World Renowned Dance Artist and Teacher

Michelle Boulé is the CEO of a multi 6-figure coaching+healing business, helping compassionate creatives all over the world manifest the lives they desire with more confidence, joy, impact, and alignment with their truth. Her online group programs, private coaching, speaking, in-person retreats, and teaching draw from over 20 years of practice in somatic therapies, energy medicine, mindset psychology, spirituality, and an award-winning international career in dance. Clients love Michelle's direct, intelligent, and joyful approach to guiding groups and individuals. 

*Free Gift: If you’re stuck in loops of self-doubt, indecision, overwhelm, and exhaustion, or if you’re always taking care of everyone else first, let’s help you Realign Towards YOUR Dreams. Click here to download Michelle’s free audio practice Realign Towards Your Dreams and start turning your beautiful dreams into a reality. For your business or life, this audio guide offers you powerful insights and practical Action Steps you can use right away to create the life you truly desire.

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Dr. Anna Yusim
Board Certified Psychiatrist and Executive Coach

Dr. Anna Yusim is an award-winning, Stanford- and Yale-educated, Board Certified Psychiatrist and Executive Coach.  She specializes in guiding individuals to achieve greater levels of impact, fulfillment and connection in their life and work.  On the Clinical Faculty at Yale Medical School, Dr. Yusim is the best-selling author of Fulfilled: How the Science of Spirituality Can Help You Live a Happier, More Meaningful Life. Having helped over 1200 client and patients to live happier, more meaningful lives, Dr. Yusim is presently starting a Spirituality and Mental Health Center at Yale.  After working as a neurobiology researcher with Dr. Robert Sapolsky Ph.D. and completing her studies at Stanford, Yale Medical School, and the NYU Psychiatry Residency Training Program, Dr. Yusim felt that something was missing from her life. In her quest to find it, she traveled, lived and worked in over 60 countries, while studying Kabbalah, learning Buddhist meditation, and working with South American shamans and Indian gurus.  A media expert and frequent contributor on CNN, FoxNews, NBC and ABC, Dr. Yusim has been a guest on countless national and international TV shows, radio programs and podcasts.  She has authored over 100 articles for the lay public and published over 70 academic articles, book chapters, scientific abstracts and book reviews on various topics in psychiatry.

Dr. Yusim would like to offer retreat participants 3 guided meditations for awakening: https://www.annayusim.com/meditations

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Dr. Pepper Hernandez, ND, PhD, NHP, CNHP, CTC

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, International Speaker, Writer

Dr. Hernandez is also the Founder and CEO of the Cannabis Holistic Institute™ located in the heart of Humboldt County, The Emerald Triangle. Giving a voice to the local community about their view, knowledge, and connection to the cannabis plant.

She is the Creator and Founder of the "Humboldt Joint Discussions"™ project which is a series of panels discussions and a web series that is centered around Humboldt businesses with true ethics.

Dr. Hernandez is a researcher focusing on Neuroscience, Hebbs Law and bridging the gap between science and spirituality.
She is fascinated by Entheogenics, Neuroplasticity and Quantum Physics.

Currently, she holds a Doctorate in Classical Naturopathy as well as Traditional Naturopathy. She is presently working on her Post Doctoral Studies DM, at the same time as pursuing her Ph.D. studies in Transpersonal Counseling.

As her values and purpose evolve, she chooses to work on a deeper level with clients as a spiritual educator. She calls this type of work Quantum Alignment Therapy® 
​ which includes working with the balance of nutrition through food and supplementation, energy alignment and chakra balancing. Mental, physical and spiritual homeostasis. 
Exclusive offer for retreat participants!
Dr. Hernandez would like to give 3 $500 scholarships for the Cannabis Therapy Consultant Program via the Cannabis Holistic Institute 

Contact Information:

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Sandy Rueve
Astrologer, Talisman Maker

Sandy Rueve (REE-vee) began hand-sculpting clay beads 30 years ago. Since first discovering her passion for bead-making, she has opened bead-making studios in the US and across the world in Japan and Australia. It wasn’t until years later that Sandy discovered her next passion, astrology. Now, having intensely studied astrology for nearly two decades, Sandy has harnessed her love of bead-making with her knowledge and passion for astrology through her Intention Beads work: hand-making beads at the most powerful cosmic transits. Sandy blends art, astrology, and magical alchemy to create beautiful, intricate talismans. Her clients use their talismans to redirect their minds daily towards a big vision that they hold for themselves- and finally attain it! Sandy's talismans are, in essence, tangible items for you to live your vision every day!

Intention Beads are intricate, handmade jewelry pieces timed by the stars. When powerful astrological occurrences approach, Sandy Rueve prepares to create these divinely timed talismans to help capture the potent energy around. Each talisman is unique, and can also be timed to your specific chart.

Receive a free 4-page Astrology Guide that will give you the ABC's of the astrological signs, planets, houses, and aspects. And easy to read and easy to reference when you need it! Sign-up for the Intention Beads mailing list & receive your FREE DOWNLOAD! www.intentionbeads.com 

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Caitlyn Cook
Writer, Artist, Embodied Spirituality Practitioner

Caitlyn Cook is a writer, artist, embodied spirituality practitioner and podcast host. Working in the field of self-love, body-image, sexuality, and relationships, Caitlyn works with people 1:1 and in groups to reclaim wholeness, peace, and power. Her creative and professional practice centers on mindfulness, soul psychology, sacred sexuality, and energy/shamanic healing. Caitlyn was featured in the mini documentary My Break Up With God, which explores her journey with authenticity, sacred sexuality, and her traditional Christian family. Caitlyn is also the host of the Mind, Sex & Spirit Podcast, organizes Bwiti Initiations, co-creates All1Union monthly global mass meditation sits, and is an ISTA apprentice.

Caitlyn works with people online and at in person retreats and workshops. An embodiment-based practice, her work helps you let go of what’s not serving you and grow what does. This means expanding into new territory to feel more alive. More in tune with what you really want and no longer self-sabotaging. More confident in your body. More in flow and vibrant in your relationships. More peaceful, trusting and calm in life. Filled with pleasure, joy and spontaneity. Being embodied, the work includes breath and sense-based meditation, movement, breath, sound, visualizations and emotional detoxing. All to go beyond our 'shoulds', negative mind chatter, past experiences that shut us down, fear, guilt and shame — whatever's holding us back.

For Quintessence attendees only, get two sessions for the price of one. Reach out for a free consultation to see if it's right for you and we can take it from there! Sign up here, http://caitlyncook.com/sign-up 

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Kathi Keville
Internationally Renowned Herbalist, Director of American Herb Association

Internationally known herbalist and aromatherapist, Kathi Keville, has conducted medicinal herbs and aromatherapy seminars in North America and Europe for over 45 years. Her Green Medicine Herb School offers Herbal Apprenticeships, Body Systems, Aromatherapy Seminar, and tours of her 500-species Herb Gardens. She also teaches at conferences, herb schools, San Francisco State University extension, and leads an Aroma~Herbalism tour of Tuscany. Kathi is Director of the American Herb Association, which offers the AHA Quarterly. She is an American Herbalists Guild founding member and received honorary memberships to the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy and the American Aromatherapy Association. Kathi’s 16 books have been published in nine countries and seven languages. The latest is The Pocket Guide to Essential Oils (PenguinRandomHouse, 2020). She hosts the Garden Forum on KVMR radio (89.5 FM) and co-hosted Dish TV’s “Everybody Nose” aromatherapy series.

The American Herb Association offers the AHA Quarterly, a 16-page newsletter filled with current events, news, legal controversies, and environmental facts relating to herbal medicine and aromatherapy. Each issue has reviews on 20 new books and herb-related movies, novels and exhibits. Green Medicine Herb School is a year-round program on medicinal herbs and aromatherapy based in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. The annual 10-day trip visits Italian botanists, herbalists, aromatherapists, and scholars who share the botanical riches of Tuscany and Assisi. Oak Valley Herb Farm mail order business offers herb products, quality essential oils, and Kathi’s books. www.ahaherb.com

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Komala Lyra
Author, Ayurveda Yoga Tantra Educator, Dakini 

Komala Lyra has dedicated her life to the constant unfolding of love, freedom, consciousness as expressions of aliveness. Her presence radiates stillness, dance, intensity, simplicity, clarity shared in a direct and down to earth way. Her skills as a dakini, Ayurveda Yoga Tantra educator, author, dancer merge eastern and western wisdom. She is Lead Faculty at ISTA - International School if Temple Arts, co-creator of Women Who See in the Dark retreats facilitating these programs internationally.
She would like to offer retreat participants a one hour online consultation at www.komalalyra.com & www.womenwhoseeinthedark.com