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Are you ready to grow your business to greater purpose, profits, and prosperity?

The Inspired Life Project’s Prosperity Accelerator and Abundance Catalyst 1:1 Coaching Programs are designed for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to make transformative changes in the way they do business – and create high impact outcomes as a result!

Drawing upon ancient philosophy and modern wisdom, I walk you through the same principles, systems, and structures that support my ongoing success and business expansion. The pillars of both 1:1 coaching programs follow the 5 Elements of Business: Purpose, Plan, Performance, Promotion, and Profit.

By applying these principles to your business, you will always know where you’re going next and what you need to support your growth. In my 1:1 coaching programs, we apply these five elements to your business and identify opportunities for alignment and expansion.

Together, we’ll get clear on your ultimate vision, connect with your highest purpose, and design a business plan that is profitable, prosperous, and rooted in your passion!


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In the Prosperity Accelerator and Abundance Catalyst 1:1 Coaching programs, we apply the 5 Elements of Business to launch you to greater success and freedom. Here’s a quick overview of each element and what you can expect:

Purpose (water) – What is your true purpose? We’ll explore your unique creative genius and innate power and connect these gifts to your business so that there is alignment between your enterprise and your highest purpose. The practices that we use to tap into your inner wisdom will be available to you long after the coaching program is over – becoming a wellspring you can draw from for inspiration and motivation whenever you need it.

Plan (wood) – Businesses need a clearly defined strategy to succeed. Together, we will establish a series of goals in each of the major pillars of business (marketing, organizational, financial, etc.) and a plan to accomplish them. You will realize you can attain anything you desire within your business with the right mindset.


Performance (fire) We will look at how to best deliver your product or service with the highest alignment of integrity and profitability. We will pinpoint the most significant areas of growth for your business and map out the journey to conquer them through sales and delivery. We will hold you accountable for achieving greater success. 


Promotion (earth) – Once we have clarity on your vision, goals, and the specific products or services you are offering, we’ll spend time talking about the best marketing opportunities available to your business. We will go through a process to identify which mediums are most likely to attract your ideal client and how you can develop a community of supporters around your business. We’ll also talk about how to communicate in a way that nurtures loyal customers and repeat shoppers.

Profit (metal) - This is the end game. Maximizing profit by creating standard operating procedures and reflecting on what is working best to move you forward at warp- speed. Consistent growth is essential in business and will help you to continue to reap and expand financial rewards. 

When balanced and working in sync with one another, these 5 Elements of Business empower you to seamlessly run your enterprise, always knowing where you need to grow next.  This process takes you out of overwhelm and acts as a template that expands with your business over time – helping you to achieve your ultimate vision faster than you can imagine!

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 Maggie has assisted me to shift my perspectives and framework in how I approach my career endeavors. She helped me release scarcity perspectives and find more comfortability in thinking bigger picture for my visions and goals. Some of the suggestions and intuitive guidance that Maggie offered me over 2 years ago is just now coming true for me. I am always amused when I realize that an idea that we discussed in years passed is now becoming a concrete outcome. I am very grateful that Maggie has taken the time to steer my foresight towards practical application and goal setting, both short term and long term. Her Elemental Business Plan is the type of conscious business model that I desire to apply to my company. I am a spiritual practitioner, so it is important that my foundation be infused with the essence of consciousness. Thank you Maggie for your wisdom, insight and intuitive guidance. I know that as we continue to collaborate I will receive more benefit from your expertise."

- Chloe Hudson, Intuitive Soul Therapy

Achieve Purpose & Prosperity in your Business with Maggie


Are you ready to rise into greater purpose and prosperity and make your business dreams a reality?

My 1:1 coaching programs are designed to support you each step of the way! 

Wherever you are in your business journey – whether you’re starting with the seed of intuition or are ready to scale – I can help you achieve your business goals and make your visions your reality. 

This laser-focused 1:1 coaching program is for business owners needing to take fast action and breakthrough to your next evolution in business.

The Prosperity Accelerator Package includes: 

  • Three 60-minute coaching sessions with me, Maggie! We dive deep into your business and apply the Elements of Business course principles to your unique enterprise – identifying opportunities for greater alignment, expansion, and profit!
  • Access to the complete Elements of Business Courseincluding workbooks and bonus meditations! This self-led course includes essential learnings that you can refer to through each evolution of your business – helping you to scale quickly and identify opportunities for greater profit and growth.

BONUS: Access to the Time Management Mini-Course (limited time offer!). Learn practical tips & tricks to overcome overwhelm and achieve greater balance as an entrepreneur. 


The Investment

3 sessions - 60 minutes - $997 


The Abundance Catalyst Program is for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are looking to transform the way they do business – and expand their impact. 

You’ll receive long-term support, personal attention, and a mentor who is committed to making your business goals a success. Together, we’ll set clear intentions for your business, and keep you accountable for continued growth, greater confidence, and sustained prosperity.

The Abundance Catalyst Package includes: 

  • Nine 60-minute coaching sessions with me, Maggie! During these sessions, we’ll uncover your inner purpose and innate talents and identify opportunities for greater alignment in your business. You’ll receive clarity on your vision and the goals you need to achieve to make your dreams a reality. We’ll discuss tailored strategies for marketing, finance, organization, and fulfillment so you can elevate your business quickly – and prepare yourself for greater profits in the future!
  • Access to my exclusive Prosperity and Abundance Catalyst Program
  • Lifetime access to the complete Elements of Business Course
  • BONUS: Time Management Mini-course bonus
  • Access to Email support between coaching calls



The Investment

9 sessions - 60 minutes - $2997


"The life challenges I was able to overcome under the direction of Maggie O'Dea were profound and life changing. They included an overall increase confidence, well being and overall life perspective. I was able with her help to remove negative emotional and financial blockages, which allowed me to move forward financially, physically and spiritually. This lead to increased focused awareness, and positive energetic forward motion in almost all areas of my life! Her diamond like mind and moral and spiritual wisdom will forever be the epitome of the standard I hold of the profoundly conscious being."

- Kareen Van Swearingen