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Spiritual Journey: A 3-Day Virtual Retreat VIP

24 hr access to all of the presenters - 3 days of incredible transformation!

With VIP Access, you can view each presenter and embark on your Spiritual Journey! You will have access to each full day's schedule, and watch each presenter when you have the time to enjoy them and connect with them.

Join your host Maggie O’Dea, and extraordinary visionary business leaders as they share with you powerful business tools and systems they have created.

During the Quintessence 3- Day Virtual Retreat you will learn:

  • Spiritual modalities that will help you expand your energy further into the Universe.
  • How to open the doorway to your heart-center and journey into the sacred chamber of your soul
  • Sacred grounding tools that will help you to evoke your divine blueprint.
  • Spiritual Alchemy How to activate co-creative powers that have been dormant inside of us.
  • Fall - how to let-go and travel into the subconscious realms of our mind
  • How to dissolve our limitations and soul contracts through healing work
  • Potent daily practices that clear your energy channels and create the foundation for divine communication and downloads
  • ...All of this and much more!