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Soulful Purpose: A 3-Day Virtual Retreat VIP

24 hr access to all of the presenters - 3 days of incredible transformation!

With VIP Access, you can view each presenter and embark on your Soulful Purpose journey! You will have access to each full day's schedule, and watch each presenter when you have the time to enjoy them and connect with them.

Join your host Maggie O’Dea, and extraordinary visionary business leaders as they share with you powerful business tools and systems they have created. (View the PRESENTER GALLERY)

During Inspired Life 3 day Virtual Retreat you will learn:

  • How to listen to your soul’s calling
  • Remember your passions
  • Connect with source energy
  • Discover life lessons that you have embodied, that you could help others with by providing insight and wisdom
  • Explore what good or product you love making that could monetize
  • Think about a service you love performing that others would enjoy receiving
  • Find out how to leverage your intrinsic gifts
  • What comes naturally to you that is valuable
  • Explore your divinely given talents
  • All of this and so much more!

Each incredible presenter shares their individual experience and expertise, guiding you towards your Soulful Purpose!

The life of your dreams is within reach. Are you ready to claim it?