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Growing up in Iowa, I struggled with anxiety, depression, and insomnia as a teenager. I was always considered the “bigger girl” at school and was judged for my size. This was compounded by sexual abuse at a young age. I gave up dancing – something I truly loved because of an overwhelming fear of judgment

When I was 16, I realized people were projecting their thoughts and ideas onto me, and that this was affecting my self-belief. I wanted to step into my power and find my own path. It was a turning point in my life that awakened me to a new reality. I could go on living my life the way other people thought I should, or I could take back my power, learn to be comfortable in my skin, and live the life I truly wanted. I chose to live my life. 

I shifted my direction – listening carefully to my intuition and inner wisdom. Deep down, I was being guided to do things that people had told me were impossible for me to achieve. Over time, I learned to release their voices and trust my own. My inner wisdom assured me that I was more than capable – more than enough – of making my dreams a reality.

By practicing yoga and connecting with my inner guidance, a healing transformation began. I attended a Buddhist college where I learned how to take ownership of my traumatic past and heal my mind, body, and soul. 

I started taking up activities that embraced my body - bodyboarding, horse riding, and even ballet. I liberated myself from the sexual abuse and accepted myself for who I really was. 


"The wound is the place where the light enters you."

~ Rumi


When you give yourself permission to be who you want to be, you allow yourself to step into your purpose. We are all designed perfectly with a specific purpose we are meant to contribute. Judgment, doubt, and the invisible limits we impose upon ourselves hold us back from connecting to that purpose and manifesting it into our lives. 

I challenge you to open your mind and connect to your vision for the highest, happiest possibility for your life. This vision is possible for you and meant for you. It is through purpose that we find prosperity. I would love to help you do just this AND support you with systems and structures that lead to profit.

I know the life you desire is waiting for you because I found mine. Today, I’m a global entrepreneur, running multiple businesses across the world from my home in California. I have a beautiful family - a husband and daughter, whom I love with all my heart.

My work inspires me constantly, and I find so much peace and joy in what I do. I am living proof that you can turn challenges into opportunities. Let me help you live your dream life and turn your passion into a prosperous, profitable business!