Embrace Healing: A 3-Day Virtual Retreat

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Embark on your heroine's journey.
Evoke your divine blueprint.
Embrace true healing.
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Maggie O'Dea

Retreat Host, Consultant, Author

"I want to help everyone do this: create a life that supports us financially while being based in our own creative genius and in true healing for ourselves and for the planet."

Throughout all her studies and travels, Maggie always felt that if she could understand the principles of a healthy individual, she could apply these principles to the greater society in hopes of healing it. She's studied ancient philosophies, quantum physics, economic theory, and spiritual traditions from around the world. She's traveled extensively, challenging her own world view whenever possible.

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Kay Richae
Spiritual Alignment Coach

Kay Richae is a Spiritual Alignment Coach who has practiced Spiritually Aligned Life & Business Coaching for the past 10 years.

She’s coached clients to achieve revenue exceeding $1M in sales & has personally run businesses exceeding $4M in annual revenue.

She has advised CEOs managing P&L of over $475M, and has personally studied with world-renowned wealth and spiritual teachers such as: Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, NYT Bestselling Author John Assaraf, Bob Proctor, & Mystic & World Peace Advocate Dr. Ishmael Tetteh of the Etherean Mission in Ghana, West Africa.

Kay is a Spiritual Alignment Specialist. Her areas of expertise are Christianity, African Spiritualism, Divine Feminine Manifestation Methods, & the Neuroscience of Goal Achievement. You can currently watch her on the E! Network’s current season of Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.

Here's a free workshop offer for retreat participants from Kay!  In this workshop, Kay shares her Feminine Co-creation process at the end. This process can be used to manifest anything needed to move forward in your highest purpose. Let’s manifest something better & rise higher in Love together. We were born to do this!!! Share with everyone you know!

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Jamaica Stevens 
Author and Multi-media Curator

Jamaica Stevens is an experienced event producer, workshop leader, group facilitator, educational program designer, community organizer, project manager and storyteller. Passionate about personal healing, life-long learning, earth stewardship, collective evolution and Regenerative cultures, Jamaica is in service to catalyzing the inherent intelligence of individuals and collectives to cultivate cooperative engagement in service to planetary flourishing.

Jamaica Stevens is Author and Curator of the multi-media project “ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future” focusing on revitalizing a Village ethos, fostering inter-cultural cooperation and sharing collective intelligence to co-create regenerative cultural capacities to be in service to all Life. Jamaica works with individuals and communities to discover purpose, deepen coherence, and learn practices to navigate life's inevitable transformations and cultivate our true potential. In addition she is the Communities Manager for Communitas.Zone, Educational Program Manager for the Lucid University, Regional Coordinator for GEN-North America and an Organizational Design Consultant and Steward with VillageLab, working with regenerative frameworks, whole systems principles and transformative experiences to empower people, projects, organizations, and communities to THRIVE!

To learn more about Jamaica, visit www.JamaicaStevens.com

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Eve Lorgen, MA 
Counseling and Hypnotherapy Professional

Eve Lorgen, MA, is a 25-year dedicated counseling and hypnotherapy professional and anomalous trauma researcher. Her two books: “The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships, and The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, The Supernatural and Energy Vampirism reveal compelling case histories of “alien abductees” and experiencers of anomalous relationship set-ups and interdimensional interferences. She began her pioneering work with alien abductees, “milabs” and mind control victims while earning her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology in 1992. She also holds a BS in Biochemistry and worked in the Biotechnology industry for 7 years. Other studies include Taoist Oriental Medicine, Hatha Yoga, Chi Gong, Meditation and Lucid dreaming practices. She holds a long time interest in the occult, the Bible, Nag Hammadi Library, Buddhism, Advaita-Vedanta and Christian Cathar history. She was a close associate of the late Barbara Bartholic and Dr. Karla Turner.

Early on in her career counseling alien abductees, she discovered a plethora of unusual experiences that often accompanied those who reported alien encounters and milabs. The most prominent aspect of Eve’s counseling and support is with those who are experiencing some form of alien or paranormal orchestrated love relationship issue, or what she calls “the love bite”. This often includes the “false twin flame” syndrome. The love bite is a misunderstood and highly taboo aspect of the alien abduction experience: alien engineering of human love relationships and alien manipulation of abductees’ lives. However, as more people have come forward to share their unusual “orchestrated love relationships”, Eve discovered that this is not exclusive to the “alien abductee subpopulation” and is much more widespread.

Her empathic approach to counseling incorporates hypnotherapy, trauma resolution, inner empathy, internal family systems, inner child work and identification of interpersonal relating styles. She coaches the use of compassionate communication skills in a safe environment. Her intuitive approach to assist clients in self-discovering their adaptations to trauma and identifying Complex PTSD help them to develop new healthy interpersonal relating styles for healing and personal growth.

To learn more about Eve visit www.evelorgen.com and alienlovebite.com
Her books can be found here: www.evelorgen.com/wp/books

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Dr. Christine Page, MD
Speaker, Author, Natural Intuitive

For over 40 years, Dr. Christine Page has been a pioneer in holistic health, especially for women. As a charismatic speaker, natural intuitive and wisdom keeper, she’s been called a mystical physician. During her medical career, Dr. Page engaged in many fields of healing, creating one of the first integrative health centers in Britain. Traveling the world, she offers seminars and online courses on subjects including Earth Mysteries, Women’s Empowerment and Soul Centered healthcare. She is author of nine books, including Frontiers of Health and her latest the Heart of the Great Mother focusing on spiritual fulfillment. 

Her business is called Frontiers of Health, partly because it is the title of the first of my nine books and partly because, as a healthcare pioneer, she's spent her life exploring and applying different forms of healing to achieve the ultimate goal; wholeness.

Raised among healers, psychics and homeopaths, her medical training only deepened my awareness of what we don’t know about what it means to be a human being. Through the years Dr. Page has practiced many forms of complementary medicine and taught around the world on varied subjects. As a natural intuitive, she offers soul, supervision and astrological readings via the telephone or Skype, embodied astrological classes, podcasts called Heartspeak, guided meditations on Insight Timer and Earth Mysteries teachings.

To learn more about Dr. Page visit  www.christinepage.com

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Dr. Gail Brenner, PhD 
Psychologist & Author

Gail Brenner, Ph.D. is a psychologist, teacher, author, and lover of truth with a fire that burns brightly. She is an expert in healing from early trauma. She brings to this work years of experience with individuals and groups and is known for creating the safe space needed for inner exploration. Her work lovingly illuminates our everyday humanness with the deepest spiritual truths. Gail has a great enthusiasm for life and loves exploring different cultures through international volunteering. She is the author of the award-winning The End of Self-Help and Suffering Is Optional. To learn more, please visit GailBrenner.com.

Through her own inner work and contemplation, Gail knows the deep connection and joy in life that are possible. Her passion is to bring the possibility of full conscious living to everyone through the power of loving community. She offers single and multi-day events, and private sessions. She skillfully helps people liberate their conditioned patterns and awake to spaciousness, creative expression, and intimacy with the present moment.

Here's a special gift for retreat participants from Gail! Receive free exclusive guided meditations. 

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Peggy Markel, 
Writer, Photographer, Seeker

Peggy Markel is a writer, photographer, illustrator, a Southern storyteller and seeker. She left home at an early age to explore the world and has since designed and directed far-flung food and culture trips for over 25 years. Peggy designs programs for small groups of individual travelers that are built on long-term relationships, handpicked properties and carefully crafted itineraries. Each trip is a deep dive into the most delicious culinary happenings in each destination with a hands-on approach. Guests learn how food is made or learn how to make it themselves. She offers an insider’s look into the most influential kitchens and tasting rooms around the world from Morocco to India.

Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures delivers personalized, educational, hands-on travel experiences that feed the soul. With a perpetual curiosity and reverence for the rich tapestry created by food and culture, Peggy Markel has designed and directed carefully hand-crafted food and culture trips around the world for 25 years. She is a pioneer not only in culinary travel, but was instrumental in bringing Slow Food to America and championing the farm to table movement as early as 1993.

Following her intuition and inspiration, Peggy built lasting relationships with chefs and purveyors throughout Italy and continued designing adventures that include Morocco, Sicily, as well as Spain, Portugal and India. Though the market for culinary travel has certainly grown since these early years, no one has been able to match the depth and dimension of her programs.

Here's a special gift from Peggy!

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Samantha Sweetwater, MA

Awakening Coach, Ceremonial Guide, Author

Samantha Sweetwater, M.A., is the creator of Soulucent™ Coaching and the founder and director of One Life Circle, a plant medicine ministry dedicated to evolving consciousness, humanness and happiness in service to the One Life we all share. She is an author, executive coach, ceremonial guide and experience designer who supports individuals and communities to recover wholeness and to lead from love. For 30 years, she has designed and delivered innovative transformational experiences and leadership trainings at the intersections of embodiment, ancient wisdom, systems intelligence, psychedelics and nature connection. Her past initiatives include Dancing Freedom, a global movement and community of practice, and PeaceBody Japan, an integral, embodied leadership school. She currently serves as the Programming Director of Holos Global, and advises multiple businesses in the technology, mental health and wellness space. She is driven by a singular vision of an emergent civilization where everyone - all humans and all beings - come home to belong to Earth and Source.

About my business: Soulucent™ is spiritual executive coaching for phenomenal humans who have seen past the veil of their own egoic bullshit and can no longer tolerate trying to cram themselves into shallow version of success offered by default culture. I work with people at the intersections of radical awakening, massive life transitions, psychedelic integration and soul creation. I help you remake your self-story, work and relationships in integrity with who and what you truly are as a soul.

To connect with Samantha's free 4 Part Ceremony DIY training, visit her YouTube station

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Andréa Michel, NLP

Transformational Coach and Purpose Educator

Andréa is an intuitive transformational coach and purpose educator, certified life coach, certified NLP practitioner, speaker and retired corporate controller (accountant). She helps women heal themselves while discovering their purpose and passion, find "balance", reconnect with and find their identities so that they can create more happiness, fall in love with themselves, make more money, and live an abundant life. In her 15 plus years of working with women and doing her own work (going into the shadow), she’s learned that guilt is one of those addictive emotions. In fact, it’s so addictive that many women don’t even know they are operating from a place of guilt and/or shame. Her goal is to revolutionize the way women THINK about their FEELINGS!

Andréa Michel Consulting LLC is 100% women and Black owned. It is the manifestation of spending years successfully climbing the corporate ladder only to end up unfulfilled in the end. At Andréa Michel Consulting LLC, we work with women who celebrate other women. At the beginning of the journey, we said we'd only work with women who are already leaders. But what we've learned in a short period of time is that every woman has the capacity to BE a leader. Now we say that we work with women who turn into leaders.

Here's a special free gift from Andréa! 23 Affirmations to Build Your Confidence and Empower Yourself

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Pamela Miles

Spiritual Leader and Reiki Master

Pamela Miles is an international spiritual teacher, Reiki master and integrative health consultant with five decades of spiritual practice. She is the foremost Medical Reiki pioneer introducing Reiki practice to conventional medicine, including Harvard, Yale and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and publishing in peer-reviewed medical journals, including the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. She is the author of the award-winning book REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide. Her work has been featured by NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, The Atlantic, US News & World Report, New York Magazine, Allure, and Self.

Pamela’s goal is to educate people about practical spirituality, empowering the public to take better care of themselves for everyone’s sake, and to bring self care back to health care. She is known for sharing spiritual insight with simple, direct elegance, and for her preference for continuing inquiry over facile answers. Visit www.ReikiInMedicine.org

Pamela would like to share these gifts with the retreat participants:

21 days of short emails to remind people to be happy!

FREE! Join the online community: I Love MySelf Reiki Online Global Practice Sessions 

Study with her here: Learn Reiki Self Care at home in small group, live, interactive videoconferences 

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Dr. Pepper Hernandez, ND, PhD, NHP, CNHP, CTC

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, International Speaker, Writer


Dr. Hernandez is also the Founder and CEO of the Cannabis Holistic Institute™ located in the heart of Humboldt County, The Emerald Triangle. Giving a voice to the local community about their view, knowledge, and connection to the cannabis plant.

She is the Creator and Founder of the "Humboldt Joint Discussions"™ project which is a series of panels discussions and a web series that is centered around Humboldt businesses with true ethics.

Dr. Hernandez is a researcher focusing on Neuroscience, Hebbs Law and bridging the gap between science and spirituality.
She is fascinated by Entheogenics, Neuroplasticity and Quantum Physics.

Currently, she holds a Doctorate in Classical Naturopathy as well as Traditional Naturopathy. She is presently working on her Post Doctoral Studies DM, at the same time as pursuing her Ph.D. studies in Transpersonal Counseling.

As her values and purpose evolve, she chooses to work on a deeper level with clients as a spiritual educator. She calls this type of work Quantum Alignment Therapy®
​ which includes working with the balance of nutrition through food and supplementation, energy alignment and chakra balancing. Mental, physical and spiritual homeostasis.
Exclusive offer for retreat participants!
Dr. Hernandez would like to give 3 $500 scholarships for the Cannabis Therapy Consultant Program via the Cannabis Holistic Institute 

Contact Information:

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Elizabeth Cocoann Galis

Embodiment Expert, Energy Healer, Leader

Elizabeth Cocoann Galis is an international healer, leader and executive advisor integrating deep healing into the business world. With an Undergraduate Degree in Pedagogy and Dance, a masters in Energy Work, and over 4,000hrs of study in Cross Cultural Healing Art Modalities and Esoteric Wisdom, Coco brings a unique and powerful lens to the world. A prolific entrepreneur, Coco has created multiple businesses including wellness centers with sustainable clothing boutiques, teacher trainings and coaching programs. Her specialty is new paradigm design and leadership development, working with visionary leaders who are dedicated to creating dynamic change in the world. She is philanthropically motivated, currently exploring the impact of generosity as the main driving force of her businesses and mentorships.

Coco is an internationally recognized executive advisor and energetic alchemist. She offers deep transformative energy work by clearly uncovering and deciphering subconscious themes within your life and business. Her sessions take place via Zoom Audio, combining conversation with a shared meditative experience. Both esoteric and practical, you can expect to leave each session with insight and exercises that create change in all areas of your life. 

Coco’s 3-month healing/mentorship program supports individuals and organizations ready and willing to prioritize embodied spiritual development in their lives. Space is limited due to her commitment to provide pro bono support for those in need. Her current philanthropic work is dedicated to The Corona Project, a growing collection of curriculum supporting individuals and families during this time of crisis.

If you’re interested in mentoring with Coco feel free to contact her! www.elizabethcocoann.com

If you’re drawn to bringing collaborative support to The Corona Project, visit www.coronaproject.net

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Aarona Leá

Author, Speaker, International Leader

What began as a need for survival, eventually became a passion turned profession, guiding Aarona to demystify emotional health and intuition. Beginning her healing path as a child, this curiosity began a life-long journey of study, practice, and ritual where she explored the shadowy depths of healing trauma, recovered from chronic bulimia, and is now helping to normalize conversations around emotional and spiritual wellbeing. With yoga, meditation, intuitive ritual, alternative therapies, and various healing modalities guiding Aarona's journey over the last 25 years, she shares many of these tools as a roadmap for empowered self-love and honest growth.

She is the author of the intuitive oracle set 'The Moon Deck' which has reached thousands of women globally, facilitates online and in-person workshops and trainings, leads sacred circles and retreats worldwide, offers private & group Intuitive Oracle Readings, & runs The Moon Deck biz full time. Aarona has written for and been profiled in Goop, MindBodyGreen, Gaia, Hello Giggles, Thrive Global, Traveler UK, 24Life, Yoga Journal, and has been featured on major wellness podcasts such as The DENTalks, Shaman Durek’s Ancient Wisdom Today, Woke & Wired, and IGNTD podcast amongst others.

Exclusive for retreat participants, use discount code: LUNALOVE for 10% off at www.themoondeck.com


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Jeanie Manchester

Master Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Guide

Jeanie Manchester is a master yoga teacher and spiritual guide. She has trained and practiced extensively in yoga asana, philosophy, and meditation for the past 30 years. She is an E-RYT 500 Hour YA instructor offering yoga immersions, training as well as travel-based retreats to wondrous places all over the globe. She is a Priestess of Neelakantha Meditation Practice — the most subtle and powerful practice that she offers for those seeking depth and transformation. After she rolls up her yoga mat, Jeanie is a mother of two and understands the demands of a daily householder life with serious commitment to a spiritual journey.

Jeanie is the creator of The Shakti Rise Immersion, Awaken and Arise Mentorship program, the Shakti-Sisterhood Circle, as well as “Goddess Guidance”, an online membership group dedicated to guiding women into experiencing their full potential in themselves. By raising the vibration within, Jeanie believes healing and creativity will soar and planetary upliftment will increase. To find out more and sign up for Jeanie’s weekly yoga offerings, please go to www.jeaniemanchester.com

Exclusive gift from Jeannie to the participants:

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Kim Sutton

Marketing & Business Automation Mentor, Positive Productivity

Kim is a marketing automation mentor, wife and mom of 5. She has found her passion and purpose empowering broke, broken and burnt-out business owners to set up the systems and support they need to make time for the self-care they deserve.

Positive Productivity is a business consulting agency designed to help entrepreneurs set up the systems and strategies they need to get away from their businesses and back to the people and activities they love. From marketing strategies and automation to standard operating procedures and VIP strategy days, Positive Productivity focuses on the health of the business from inside the team out.

Exclusive gift from Kim to the participants:
30 Day FREE Work Smarter Not Harder Challenge

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Tamara Iglesias

Founder, Conscious Parenting Coach 

Tamara is the founder of Wellynest, a conscious parenting coaching brand dedicated to raising whole being from the very beginning through the conscious parent's own healing journey. Her mission is to shift the way children are raised by bringing the awareness of self into parenting. As parents, when you heal yourself, you can heal your children and ultimately heal the world. Tamara’s own personal healing journey has inspired this elevated, evolved conscious parenting approach for families to shift their relationship to themselves and their children like she's doing every day with her own little girl.

Wellynest is a conscious parenting brand igniting honest conversations around some of the greatest triggers and struggles in parenting. Through private coaching programs, virtual courses, language guides, and more, Tamara the founder of Wellynest, supports families through these struggles and transforms them into opportunities and ways to connect more deeply within the family unit. This work gives parents the chance to look inward to understand their own patterns and limiting beliefs, and how these childhood woods can manifest into how one chooses to raise their child. When parents are supported on their own healing journey and inspired to use conscious words, act with intention, and slow down to be fully present, children can develop into fully-realized, emotionally healthy adults. Wellynest's approach has helped thousands of families, setting children up for healthy connections, relationships, and coping methods that build self-worth, self-love, and self-esteem!

Exclusive gift from Tamara to the retreat participants:
Wellynest's Conscious Parent Quick Guide to Supporting Big Feelings