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Do you desire to Create or Grow Your Soul-Fueled Business by staying in your zone of genius and thinking the way you already think?

You have a genius energy inside of you that longs to bring your vision into the world.  But where do you start?  

As a creative person, you have a passion. Maybe this is your healing practice, maybe your art, maybe a product line you want to create... and you dream of turning it into a business. But when you actually try to do this... get lost.


Frustrated and unsure what to do next.



You have started to bring your dream into reality – your own entrepreneurial empire only to find out that you are now overwhelmed with possibilities and the set-up tasks to bring it altogether? 

Many times we set out on a mission and find that the landscape looks much different than we envisioned. 

We get a few twists and turns in and find ourselves overwhelmed or that our business has plateaued. 

The problem for so many entrepreneurs lies in a lack of strategy, not a lack of inspiration

You might be struggling to bring your business dreams to fruition because you’re focusing on details that are outside your zone of genius. 

Having a process to grow your idea into a coherent, actionable plan with the proper systems in place, is the crucial step to bridge the gap between your dream and the reality you know you are destine for. 

This is where Inspired Life Project can help you develop a strong, succinct plan to elevate and exponentialize your business. 

The Elements of Business course offers an integrated, whole-brain approach to successfully planning your creative business. Using the 5 Elements of creation, The Elements of Business provides a system to build your business in a way that is aligned with, and authentic to the very core of who you are. 

“As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.” ~ Rumi

Why is a brand story important?

It’s pretty simple actually... When you fully embody your purpose, you can communicate a captivating brand story. One that cultivates a connection to your customer. Giving you clear marketing advantage, setting you apart from the crowd, by showcasing your unique brand.

In other words, understanding your own personal story ultimately builds the groundwork for your whole brand. Attracting your ideal clients that can see the value your offerings.

This self-paced, this eight module program is made to guide the spirit-led entrepreneur to a successful thriving business with ease.  Allowing you to  grow and scale your business for long-term success.


With The Elements of Business system, you will get:

  • A system to turn your passion into financial freedom. Discover exactly how to use your innate talents and genius to make money with a soulful purpose. Maggie will provide specific tools, including coaching sessions and guided meditations to move you forward. Gain a clear understanding of where to make investments early on in your business that will help you scale your business and profits faster.
  • Exclusive content, including The Elements of Business workbook to help you move into flow. Skip the spinning and mindless mistakes that stop most creative entrepreneurs and stay on track for your business.
  • In-depth business training modules to set you on a clear path to success and to live your dream. Know exactly what to be doing daily, weekly and monthly to grow and nourish your business

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” ~ Rumi

The Elements of Business process:

  1. We work through eight modules that help build each part of your business

  2. Video segments for each business element (five in total). Maggie will walk you through whole-brain practices for the aspect of your business plan that correlates to that element 

  3. Contemplative practices to help you connect with the energy and power of each element

  4. Access to a private online community of entrepreneurs who are using The Elements of Business to create or grow their passion into a business
  5. The Elements of Business workbook with a step-by-step system to build and grow your business plan with ease

  6. Guided meditations for creating and achieving your five-year, three-year, one-year, and six-month visions 

By using the system of elements — the same system that nature uses to manifest — you will always have guidance for your next steps to grow and nurture your enterprise.”

– Maggie O’Dea