Create or Grow Your Soul-Fueled Business by staying in your zone of genius and thinking the way you already think.

As a creative person, you have a passion. Maybe this is your healing practice, maybe your art, maybe a product line you want to create... and you dream of turning it into a business. But when you actually try to do this... get lost.


Frustrated and unsure what to do next.  

There are so many start-up tasks when it comes to creating or growing a business that it's easy for a creative entrepreneur to spin out into overwhelm and confusion...and when this happens, your passion becomes buried in the busy work of the brain and you lose your momentum, ending up frustrated and ready to give up, wishing you could hire a team to make it happen for you.

The good news: You don't need a team (at least, not yet!). You just need a system that works the same way you think.

See if any of these sound familiar...

  • You're a musician, artist, or writer who would love to make an abundant full-time living from your craft... but everyone tells you that's impossible. Who's going to pay you for this, anyway? So, instead, you take freelance gigs here and there plus work a day job, which leaves you tired and sad and without much time to actually do the thing you love to do: create. 
  • You've completed your herbalist certification and have a vision of healing others with your own practice...but you don't know how to find clients who will pay what you need to make. So, instead, you end up offering your services for almost nothing to friends, getting burned out and exhausted while still not being able to cover your bills.
  • You want to become a professional florist, gardener, or landscape designer...but whenever you think of all the details involved, your brain gets lost in the start-up tasks and goes spinning off into overwhelm, so you put it off for another day.
  • You make amazing gluten-free baked goods, and it's your dream to turn it into a business that lets you and your family have the lives you want. But food production is so confusing; where would you even begin?
  • You teach Tai Chi, Chi Gong, or yoga, and want to share the healing benefits of these practices with others...but weekly studio classes don't make ends meet, let alone cover what you spent on training. You know you could turn your love and skill into an abundant business if you could just figure out how
  • You dream of making a body-care line that not only is luxurious and natural, but also reminds women how powerful they actually are...but you've never done anything like this before (Spoiler! I actually did this as a way to test the system in The Elements of Business before offering it to anyone else, and it was more successful than I even imagined. You can check out the details here.) [add link to case study] 

You can make these dreams real! 

When you find yourself in the creative zone and realize you have an idea for a business that feels both authentically grounded and elevated at the same time, you're at the place where the magic happens. It's this alchemy of purpose and passion that allows you to transfer your innate gifts to the world in your individual way.  

But this is just the beginning...and often the obstacle. Even this evolved energy can be quickly drained when you’re not fully clear on the path that is necessary to achieve your vision.

The issue for so many creative entrepreneurs lies in a lack of strategy, not a lack of inspiration. 

Often, soul-centered types struggle in bringing our business dreams to fruition because we are forever focusing on details that are outside our zone of genius. Knowing how to grow your idea into a coherent, actionable plan with the proper systems and tools is the difference between your dream and your reality.

What you need is a system that works the way you naturally work, yet keeps you out of overwhelm and clear on each next step you need to take to get to your dream.

The Elements of Business course offers an integrated, whole-brain approach to successfully planning your creative business. Using the 5 Elements of Chinese and Taoist philosophy, The Elements of Business gives you a system to build your business in a way that is aligned with, and authentic to the very core of who you are. 

Combining personalized feedback with self-paced modules, this 8-week program is made to guide the spirit-led entrepreneur to a successful thriving business with ease




What are the 5 Elements, and how do they relate to business?

In numerous cultures across the planet, indigenous people live in accordance with the elements of nature. These elements vary from culture to culture, but the underlying belief for each culture is the same: the elements are the foundation of creation and, when expressed in a balanced manner, can create a flow of manifestation that is stable and abundant. 

Your business, in a way, is also a manifestation of nature. As creative entrepreneurs, we take an idea that can be seen as "spirit" in form (i.e., not yet manifest) and turn it into the physical entity we call a business

You don't need to shift out of your natural integrative mindset to create and run a successful business! In fact, this mindset is your superpower. 

As creative, soul-driven people, we are used to complex, whole-brain thinking and creating something out of what can look like chaos to others. The Elements of Business is designed for people who think like you.  

By using the system of elements—the same system that nature uses to manifest—you will always have guidance for your next steps to grown and nurture your enterprise.

This step-by-step process ensures nothing is left by the wayside and that your business grows in an abundant way, all while enabling you to stay balanced between doing your craft and running your business.

The 5 Elements:
Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. 

1. Water is the first element, and energy of listening and possibility. In business, the water element relates to your soulful mission and purpose, your “why?”

2. Wood is the next element, expressed by birth and growth. This is when the energy starts to rise and correlates to your business plan and vision.

3. Fire is the element of maturation and action, a time of actualization. This is the gem of your business, where you put your vision out into the world.

4. Earth is the element of ripening and expansion, and as so relates to the networking, marketing, and staffing aspects of your enterprise.

5. Metal is the element of inspiration and purification, with a quality of introspection that leads to insight. In business, the metal element represents the structure and the accounting systems of your business.

When balanced and working in sync with one another, these 5 elements of your business empower you to seamlessly run your enterprise without worrying about what you might be forgetting or missing.

If you're a soul-centered human who dreams of having an authentically aligned and financially abundant career that is rooted in joyful experience, the world needs you.

What you can offer doesn't just heal and support you; it heals and supports the world. The Elements of Business is here to help you create and run a thriving business in a natural and holistic way, offering step-by-step guidance and confidence-building inspiration for creative people who are ready to design a passion-fueled business. We need you, and we need your creative vision.

A step-by-step program, “The Elements of Business” gives you a plan with the tools to make it happen, all through a holistic, integrative lens. 

The Elements of Business provides a step-by-step guide to create a solid foundation to manifest your dreams. Instead of frustrated and frazzled, you’ll be confident, calm, and prepared. Whenever an opportunity arises, you can seize the moment! There’s no fumbling, no self-doubt, no chaotic energy. Instead, this approach gives you the confidence to ensure you’re on the right track and moving forward in a prosperous direction.


With The Elements of Business system, you will get:

* Tools to turn your passion into financial freedom. Discover exactly how to use your innate talents and genius to make money with a soulful purpose.

* Out of overwhelm and into flow. Skip the spinning and mindless mistakes that stop most creative entrepreneurs and stay on the right path for your business.  

* Specific tools to move forward. Gain a clear understand why even the smallest investments early on in your business will help you create with ease and make more money FASTER.

* A clear path to success. Know exactly what to be doing daily and monthly to grow and nourish your business. 

...To live your dream! Never risk having to go back to the dreaded 9-to-5, when you have so, so much more to offer.



  • 8 modules presenting specific directions for building each aspect of your business
  • A video segment for each element (5 total), where Maggie walks you through whole-brain practices for the aspect of your business plan that correlates to that element
  • Contemplative practices to help you connect with the energy and power of each element
  • 8 live group coaching phone calls with Maggie, one each week
  • A private online community of soul-based entrepreneurs who are using The Elements of Business to create or grow their passion into a business
  • The Elements of Business workbook, the step-by-step system to build or grow your creative business with ease
  • Guided meditations for creating and achieving your 5-year, 3-year, 1-year, and 6-month visions

Investment: $497

And, there's an early bird discount! Be one of the first 10 people to register AND SAVE $100!

The first ten students to sign up get the full Elements of Business course for only $397!



There are few things more fulfilling than achieving the deep and soulful connection of your calling.

The Elements of Business will give you what you need to create your successful and abundant spirit-fueled business in the way that only you can, with the ease of knowing what comes next. 

Just like yoga unifies mind, body, and spirit, The Elements of Business is a modern, soul-based business planning method  that unifies passion, creativity, logic, and intuition with your own personal dream and genius to walk you through designing an aligned business plan where your next steps are clear and defined, letting you create the abundance and life of your dreams. 

It's time. The world needs you.


Elements of Business FAQ

The Elements of Business is a combination of self-led learning and group calls with Maggie, all organized into 8 modules for ease of understanding:

     Module 1: Understanding how to create a business system that evolves and grows with you and your business

Module 2:    Connecting YOU with your soulful purpose for an unshakable business foundation

Module 3:    Building your vision for success

Module 4:    Creating your product or service as an outgrowth of your passion

Module 5:    How to share your business to have exponential growth 

Module 6: Establishing business systems that work for YOU, to create more abundance

Module 7:    Creating your own personal roadmap to your dream

Module 8:    How to perpetuate growth with ease and confidence

The Elements of Business course begins shortly - reserve your place today!

You will get the most out of the program when you are able to be on the calls live, as they happen. Each call is personalized to the group, and I want you to get the support, feedback and coaching you need! But, as we all know, Life Happens. If you must miss a call, all calls will be recorded and you will be able to listen in whenever the time is right for you. 

Yes! If your schedule doesn't allow you to be live on the calls, that's okay. You can listen to them at any time. In addition, there is a private Facebook group for The Elements of Business entrepreneurs, and you are welcome to ask questions there as well.

You will get login access to my course site after you’ve signed up. The first two modules will be ready for you to dive in, and each new module will be ready to open weekly, giving you time to digest and apply each lesson. 

This course is for:

  1. Passionate, creative people
  2. Those who are open and excited to learn
  3. Creative types who have an interest in starting or growing a soul-fueled business based on their passion
  4. Anyone who is ready for a fulfilling life
  5. Anyone inspired to be the architect of their own life


…. and because the Law of Polarity exists, here’s what someone might say if they are NOT a good fit for the program:


  1. “I’m stuck and I just don’t have it in me to get out of this rut.”
  2. “I like the way I do business. Even though it’s not a great system, I just don’t want to make changes.” 
  3. “I like the idea of being an entrepreneur, but I don’t plan to take any action.”
  4. “I just don’t feel inspired and have no idea what I am looking for.”
  5. “Working for someone else is just easier. I don’t have the energy to start a business.” 


Sometimes it’s better to just be honest about where we are—and there's nothing wrong with being in a season of life that isn’t ready for action and expansion.  When the inspiration comes and your creative business is tugging at your soul, we would LOVE to have you!


Pricing will go up soon, so please get in at the greatest price NOW! First 10 students save $100!

Regular cost: $497

First 10 students get the full Elements of Business course for $397!

The Early Bird Rate is reserved for the first 10 students and then will go up. Take inspired action today!


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