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Now is the time to invest in the Earth and the biology of the planet.   

We have enough technology currently on the planet, and now we must integrate these principles of biology with technology and our financial life.  Where we are collaborating with the systems of nature.  

A marriage of technology with the Biosphere can be realized to create a regenerative synergy on the planet.

Investing in the future

We are being called to cultivate the life systems inherent on the planet for abundance and healing of our planet’s ecosystems.  

Humans need to pivot and invest in the long game for future generations, creating a legacy of wealth for our children by enhancing ** natural resources.  

Investing in nature

By investing in nature we are not only regenerating natural resources but we are inherently restoring the water, air and soil.  

Making financial deposits into the earth and as a result enhancing the carbon sequestering capabilities of the planet helping to off-set global warming.  

While understanding that global warming is just one symptom of an overall depleted planet.  Let’s take responsibility for our future now and make financial investments into our biosphere.  

Enhancing the planet’s prosperity

Cotyledon - an Investment Biome, provides a template for investing that reflects the cycle of creation found throughout nature to enhance  the prosperity on the planet. 

This can be achieved using investment strategies that don’t diminish our natural resources, yet still have the potential to outperform the market.  

We do this by shifting out of a system that is depleting resources without regard to our future, and shift into actually creating more abundance through propagation of species, both flora and fauna, that replenish ecosystems and capture carbon.  

By honoring the earth’s ecosystems we can create true planetary prosperity.