Finding a Power Spot in Nature

Nature has always been a source of connection with spirit for me. When I was about three years old, we lived in an oak tree forest in Iowa. I would ask my mom if I could go outside by myself, and one day she said yes! She watched me from inside go and sit in the woods. I remember talking to the trees as if they were friends and asking them why I was here; what was my purpose in being born? They would tell me that one day it would all make sense. When I look back on this relationship I had with the trees, it’s like they were an advisory council for me. I felt like I belonged and was seen. As a
teenager, also in Iowa, we could drive to a small park out in the cornfields that had a swinging bridge. It was called Margaret Guye Woods, and whenever I was there a sense of euphoria came over me. This was a place where just being there made me feel like
everything was okay just as it was; it was like a still-point for me. When I lived in the Colorado, I would find little parks or trails...

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