Episode 8: Metal Element

darieth chisolm

Episode #8 explores the Metal Element and how it relates to your business. Using ongoing reflection, assessment and structuring will lead you to profit, peace and personal growth.

0:45 Water element is your purpose. Bringing your deep passion into alignment with your creativity to stay connected with what you are manifesting.

1:10 Wood element is your structure plan. This element supports profitability and sustainability for ourselves and for our community.

1:45 Fire element brings passion and expression together to share with the world. Actualizing business and taking creative action.

2:10 Earth element is sharing the product or service, putting your business out there.

2:45 Metal element involves REFLECTION. Cultivating balance is key too overall business structure in providing profit, peace and personal growth.

3:55 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) - for anything you are doing consistently it is helpful to have an agenda or list to keep your team on the same page.

5:30 SOP serves...

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