Episode 52 | Outer change from inner coherent | Jamaica Stephens


In Episode 52 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Jamaica Stephens, Author, Group facilitator and community organiser. Today she shares how healing can uplift our lives.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
1.50 - Jamaica Stephens shares with us her work.
4.00 - The critical connection between individual and community work.
5.20 - The personal journey and creating viable systemic change.
7.00 - Knowing your own bandwidth to be able to stretch that bandwidth.
10.00 - Transformation and communal uprising when approaching advocacy.
14.00 - The most impactful change comes from a place of responsiveness in healing themselves.
15.20 - Outer change from inner coherent.
16.40 - The motivators of fear and love.
20.50 - Dismantling purposefully and re-creating with intentionality
22.20 - Jamaica explains what compels people to make change.
25.20 – Igniting our passion and our why.
29.00 - Deconstructing the sense of limitation.
38.00 - Liberating ourselves...

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