Episode 9: Interview: Darieth Chisolm

darieth chisolm

In this podcast episode Maggie interviews Darieth Chisolm , Visibility and Speaking Coach, Award-winning TV Host and Filmmaker. Director of the social justice documentary 50 Shades of Silence, Darieth shares her experience with the power of forgiveness.


0:30 Introduction of Darieth.

1:00 Breath work

1:15 Set intentions for what you would like to receive during this time.

1:45 Darieth speaks about her experience of being an Emmy Award-winning TV Host, Author, Speaker, Life & Business Coach and Filmmaker.

2:20 Master the art of telling stories and public speaking.

4:00 Intentional forgiveness creates freedom to let go.

5:30 Emotionally forgive in our hearts.

9:45 How to begin to cultivate forgiveness towards people.

10:00 Heal wounds of self inflicted pain and shame

11:00 Who do you need to become now?

12:30 Shifting from survivor to warrior.

14:45 Life can change drastically for the better as a result of forgiveness.

15:30 Contribution...

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Episode 7: Interview: Amrita Botanicals

In this podcast episode Maggie interviews Jennifer Wiest, owner and founder of Amrita Botanicals offering Ayervedic- Inspired products and services. Her products are made in house, and many of the herbs and plants used are grown by Jennifer. Maggie and Jennifer explore her connection to her growing business.

1:15 Product line and service inspired by Auyvedic wellness

2:00 Copper still is used for hydrosol. Grow your own plants and flowers, fresh cut and then use copper still to create hydrosol. Not to be confused with essential oils.

3:15 Hydrosols are SAFE for all, including elderly, children, animals and other uses. Floral waters are used to help the central nervous system.

4:00 Business inspired by true self and working with plants one on one.

5:25 Business model "subtle" energy connection due to lack of machines. Plants are cultivated for intention and in alignment with personal passion.

6:15 Distill ourselves, without chemicals involved as products are wild harvested and...

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Episode 4: Just My Type Letterpress Eureka CA

In this podcast episode Maggie interviews Lynn M. Jones, founder and owner of Just My Type Letterpress in Eureka, CA. She shares the path that led to her success, how creativity fueled her and the importance of having a connection to the community.

1:50 Journey was inspired by meeting a legend in the field of graphic design named David Lance Goines in Berkley, California.

3:15 Internship leads to hands on knowledge.

4:30 Incorporating the artist side of oneself and expanding repeatedly is key to success.

5:30 How to incorporate a business which includes aspects of your true self.

6:00 Importance of greeting customers and being friendly to create a welcoming atmosphere.

6:25 Including education for youth to be inspired is a way of giving back to the community.

7:00 Staying true to one's business philosophy through awareness of focusing on women makers, local artists, and handmade products. 

8:05 Choosing ethically made products to support causes for sex trafficing of women.


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🎥VLOG: Meet Just My Type!

Lynn, of Just My Type Letterpress, is the the definition of a true creative entrepreneur!  While studying graphics design in college she stumbled upon an old-fashioned printer in the bay area and was lit up!  She took that inspiration and has a brick and mortar shop complete with a printing workshop space! 
Watch this and get fueled up to manifest your dream!!
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