Case study: Successful implementation of “The Elements of Business” Business Plan

In 2013, Maggie O’Dea, founder of Inspired Life Project, used the approach she created (“The Elements of Business”) to develop a business plan and launch her body-care business, Devi Mukta. Maggie’s homeopathic self-care products give skin a beautiful luminescent sheath that is both a presentation of your light to the world and a barrier from harsh elements and toxins in the environment. Devi Mukta body-care products pamper your skin, which this is vital to holistic wellbeing.

Here is Maggie’s story of using “The Elements of Business” to launch her company and create her home based business as told in her own words:

Our soulful purpose fuels our dream and creates our vision. This is how we feel empowered to move forward and eventually put our vision into action. Having a clear vision allows you to outline a succinct and compelling business plan that moves from a big-picture plan to manageable short-term goals.

My dream was to create a...

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