Episode 16 | Internal Work: Mastering Your Happiness | Dr. Pepper Hernandez

darieth chisolm

In Episode 16 Maggie interviews Founder of The Cannabis Holistic Institute, Dr. Pepper Hernandez. She shares ways in which doing internal work propels us to mastering our happiness.

1:30 Set Intentions

2:30 Pepper Hernandez is the Founder of The Cannabis Holistic Institute. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Naturopath, Natural Health Professional, Transpersonal Psychologist, International Speaker on Cannabis Therapy & Education, Reiki Master & Kundalini Teacher Practitioner, CEO and Director of Natural Medicine on the Plaza.

6:00 Purest happiness comes from alignment. 

8:45 How to get to your happy place?

9:00 Internal work vs external work.

9:20Good feelings invoke happiness internally. 

9:45 Stop self sabotage.

11:00 Pieces of happiness come together through deep internal work.  

13:30 Omnipresence guidance is to keep a strong connection to the spiritual journey. 

14:00 Believe in the alignment of spirituality, peace and happiness. 


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