How To Create A Business Plan Using the Cycle of Creation - For the Entrepreneur and Solopreneur

     In numerous cultures across the planet, indigenous people live in accordance with the elements of nature. These elements vary from culture to culture, but the underlying belief for each culture is the same: that the elements of nature are the foundation of creation, and when they are expressed in our lives in a balanced manner, they can create a flow of manifestation that is stable and abundant. This system uses the five elements of Chinese or Taoist philosophy to create a business plan and philosophy, forming a template that will ensure we leave nothing by the wayside and that our businesses grow in abundant ways. These elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. In Chinese medicine, these elements are used for diagnosing ailments. In this system, we use them to "diagnose," plan, and grow your business.

     Each element in this system is correlated to various aspects of life, and as such the system of elements can fulfill every aspect...

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