Consciously Creating A Wardrobe: Economically and Environmentally Sound

The clothing industry is one of the most taxing on natural resources because of the dyes, the large scraps of fabric leftover after cutting patterns, the pesticides used to grow cotton, the human slave labor used to create the clothes. But we all need a wardrobe! So how do we choose one that is the most environmentally sound? Here are a few tips:

1) First, know your color palette. This may sound like it has nothing to do with the environment, but starting here helps us consume less because we won't be as likely to buy clothes that we like but that do not necessarily look good with our skin and hair color. Find a handful of colors that you love, that look outstanding with your skin tone, and also look good together, and then shop for those colors.

For me, these colors are indigo, poppy, and blush.

2) Next, choose a few neutrals that you love and that are flattering for your skin tone. These become the go-tos in your closet. I like oatmeal, heather grey, and charcoal heather.

3) After...

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