Episode 6: The Earth Element - Relationships Within Business

Episode 6 explores the Earth Earth Element which involves all the relationships within the business including networking.





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Episode 3: The Wood Element Can Really Help Us Grow & Expand Our Business

Episode # 3 focuses on the Wood Element and how that relates to a business plan. It explains how the wood element can really help us to grow and expand our business.

Review of all the elements:

1:00 Water is our soul purpose and how our business idea really connects in with our true passion & our spirit. This source offers potency for a strong business model.

1:30 Wood element can assist you in creating a business plan. Key benefits are that it can help you learn how to use your setbacks and challenges to actually propel your business further.

1:50 Fire is the action of service. All the parts of business that involve things like production, sales, and delivery.

2:00 Earth is connected to the relationships within business. This applies to all aspects which can include marketing, networking and especially the employees you need to operate. This element can help with relationships so you can focus on growth and outreach.

2:20 Metal involves all things you are accountable for....

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Has Your Start-up Lost Momentum?
3 Ways To Get Back On Track

Launching a business takes grit, determination and preparation. Yet, sustaining that start-up momentum a year or even two years down the track can be difficult without the right support.

Many of entrepreneurs and business owners set out with a clear vision and mission only to find that the landscape looks much different than we imagined. You might be feeling overwhelmed running day-to-day operations, sales may have plateaued, or perhaps you’re looking for solutions to overcome business challenges. This is where you need to step into your power and embrace change to propel your business forward.

Here are three ways to get back on track and achieve your business dream:

  1. Assess your situation – what’s not working for you and your business? Do you need support to help you refocus on
    one area of the business or do you need financial assistance? If you discover what has and hasn’t been working for
    you, you know what where to focus your energy and what to do next.

  2. ...
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What To Do When People Judge You

We have all felt judged by someone in our life. I have been judged many times but I always find my inner power and prove others wrong. It’s a choice that I have made.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was told by my doctor that I would need a caesarean simply due to my size. Of course he knew nothing about me or my lifestyle – he failed to ask any questions that would provide answers to assist in the safe delivery of my daughter. You see I remained active – I was doing ballet and pilates. Working with my midwives we had a giggle together afterwards as this doctor had to scramble to put his gloves on to catch my baby because I pushed her out so fast! It was a lesson for everyone not to judge a book by its cover.

I am also judged as an entrepreneur and mother. As a busy working mum, I always prioritize my daughter and her needs come first. She is an active child and I choose to put her child in childcare so that she receives the social connection and interaction...

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Starting A Home Yoga Practice - Transition From The Studio

            Creating a home yoga practice can be a challenging transition from practicing in a studio. I began my yoga training when I was 16, in Iowa at a place that was based in the Kripalu tradition. This style of yoga is very emotionally and energetically grounded, and I found it a brilliant intro to yoga because the truest intention of yoga is to unify all aspects of ourselves with the universe.

            There is yoga that is the asanas/poses, and then there is the yoga where you integrate the sense of presence you develop on the mat and live that awareness throughout your day. One way to bring the essence of yoga into our daily lives is by becoming aware of our breath during the day. Another is to become aware of our body sensation and emotional feelings. These are two ways of developing a home yoga practice. With these, we can actually practice yoga while doing dishes, sweeping the floor,...

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How To Create A Business Plan Using the Cycle of Creation - For the Entrepreneur and Solopreneur

     In numerous cultures across the planet, indigenous people live in accordance with the elements of nature. These elements vary from culture to culture, but the underlying belief for each culture is the same: that the elements of nature are the foundation of creation, and when they are expressed in our lives in a balanced manner, they can create a flow of manifestation that is stable and abundant. This system uses the five elements of Chinese or Taoist philosophy to create a business plan and philosophy, forming a template that will ensure we leave nothing by the wayside and that our businesses grow in abundant ways. These elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. In Chinese medicine, these elements are used for diagnosing ailments. In this system, we use them to "diagnose," plan, and grow your business.

     Each element in this system is correlated to various aspects of life, and as such the system of elements can fulfill every aspect...

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Case study: Successful implementation of “The Elements of Business” Business Plan

In 2013, Maggie O’Dea, founder of Inspired Life Project, used the approach she created (“The Elements of Business”) to develop a business plan and launch her body-care business, Devi Mukta. Maggie’s homeopathic self-care products give skin a beautiful luminescent sheath that is both a presentation of your light to the world and a barrier from harsh elements and toxins in the environment. Devi Mukta body-care products pamper your skin, which this is vital to holistic wellbeing.

Here is Maggie’s story of using “The Elements of Business” to launch her company and create her home based business as told in her own words:

Our soulful purpose fuels our dream and creates our vision. This is how we feel empowered to move forward and eventually put our vision into action. Having a clear vision allows you to outline a succinct and compelling business plan that moves from a big-picture plan to manageable short-term goals.

My dream was to create a...

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