Episode 57 | Spirituality and Mental Health | Anna Yusim

In Episode 57 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Psychiatrist, Author and Coach Anna Yusim. Anna shares how we can achieve heart-mind alignment through acknowledging our spirituality and working on our mental health.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
2.50 - Anna shares with us a bit about her work as a Psychiatrist, Author and Coach
4.00 - Looking within, identifying limitations and moving beyond our limitations.
5.00 - The necessity of intentional and deep soul searching to discover our inner-truths
7.00 - The point of power we have over our emotions to recondition our feelings.
8.00 - Thoughts are not facts and Anna’s tips for stepping back and recognising our emotions.
9.30 - Visualisation techniques and giving your mind factual guidance.
12.30 - Dominance of our mind can lead to imbalance.
13.30 - The definition of heart-mind alignment to Anna.
15.40 - Courage comes from the heart.
18.00 - Decrement and how to know which voice to follow.

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Ep. 12: Empower the Voice of the Soul

darieth chisolm

In Episode 12 Maggie interviews Dr. Anna Yusim, Board-Certified Psychiatrist, Author and Lecturer at Yale University. In an in depth interview about the Spiritual Journey, Anna shares her experience with the body, the mind and the spirit and the empowerment of finding balance amongst all three.

0:45 Breathwork

1:15 Intro: Dr. Anna Yusim is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist with a private practice in New York City. She is a Lecturer at Yale Medical School, where she is creating a Mental Health and Spirituality Program. Dr.Yusim completed her undergraduate education at Stanford University, where she studied Biology & Philosophy. She attended Yale Medical School & the NYU Residency Training Program in Psychiatry. She has traveled, lived and worked in over 50 countries and presented at numerous national and international medical conferences. Dr. Yusim has published over 70 academic articles, book chapters, scientific abstracts and book reviews on various topics of psychiatry.


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