Episode 10: Oneness: Capacity To Heal

darieth chisolm

In an interview with International Reiki Master, Pamela Miles, Maggie and her guest discuss the topic of healing. Pamela explores pathways to healing including the importance of lifestyle, creating sacred space in our lives, balance and oneness and it's capacity to heal. 

0:30 Intro: Pamela Miles is an International Reiki Master. She has been practicing since 1986, the foremost Medical Reiki expert, and author of award-winning book Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide. Pamela has pioneered Reiki practice at academic medical centers including Harvard, Yale, the NIH, and NY Presbyterian/Columbia.

0:50 Breathwork

1:30 Lifestyle, lifestyle!


2:30 Healing could happen on every level if healing was available to us.

3:20 Give attention everyday to your spiritual practices.

3:45 Once you bring yourself home, the healing begins.

4:35 Cleanse any residue or negative energy.

4:50 Create sacred space for yourself everyday.

6:00 Meditation as spiritual practice vs stress reduction technique....

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Episode 9: Interview: Darieth Chisolm

darieth chisolm

In this podcast episode Maggie interviews Darieth Chisolm , Visibility and Speaking Coach, Award-winning TV Host and Filmmaker. Director of the social justice documentary 50 Shades of Silence, Darieth shares her experience with the power of forgiveness.


0:30 Introduction of Darieth.

1:00 Breath work

1:15 Set intentions for what you would like to receive during this time.

1:45 Darieth speaks about her experience of being an Emmy Award-winning TV Host, Author, Speaker, Life & Business Coach and Filmmaker.

2:20 Master the art of telling stories and public speaking.

4:00 Intentional forgiveness creates freedom to let go.

5:30 Emotionally forgive in our hearts.

9:45 How to begin to cultivate forgiveness towards people.

10:00 Heal wounds of self inflicted pain and shame

11:00 Who do you need to become now?

12:30 Shifting from survivor to warrior.

14:45 Life can change drastically for the better as a result of forgiveness.

15:30 Contribution...

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Episode 8: Metal Element

darieth chisolm

Episode #8 explores the Metal Element and how it relates to your business. Using ongoing reflection, assessment and structuring will lead you to profit, peace and personal growth.

0:45 Water element is your purpose. Bringing your deep passion into alignment with your creativity to stay connected with what you are manifesting.

1:10 Wood element is your structure plan. This element supports profitability and sustainability for ourselves and for our community.

1:45 Fire element brings passion and expression together to share with the world. Actualizing business and taking creative action.

2:10 Earth element is sharing the product or service, putting your business out there.

2:45 Metal element involves REFLECTION. Cultivating balance is key too overall business structure in providing profit, peace and personal growth.

3:55 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) - for anything you are doing consistently it is helpful to have an agenda or list to keep your team on the same page.

5:30 SOP serves...

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Episode 7: Interview: Amrita Botanicals

In this podcast episode Maggie interviews Jennifer Wiest, owner and founder of Amrita Botanicals offering Ayervedic- Inspired products and services. Her products are made in house, and many of the herbs and plants used are grown by Jennifer. Maggie and Jennifer explore her connection to her growing business.

1:15 Product line and service inspired by Auyvedic wellness

2:00 Copper still is used for hydrosol. Grow your own plants and flowers, fresh cut and then use copper still to create hydrosol. Not to be confused with essential oils.

3:15 Hydrosols are SAFE for all, including elderly, children, animals and other uses. Floral waters are used to help the central nervous system.

4:00 Business inspired by true self and working with plants one on one.

5:25 Business model "subtle" energy connection due to lack of machines. Plants are cultivated for intention and in alignment with personal passion.

6:15 Distill ourselves, without chemicals involved as products are wild harvested and...

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Episode 6: The Earth Element - Relationships Within Business

Episode 6 explores the Earth Earth Element which involves all the relationships within the business including networking.





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Episode 5: The Fire Element and Your Business Plan

Episode #5 focuses on the Fire Element and how that relates to a business plan. This element integrates passion and expression, allowing you to share your dreams with the world.

0:45 Water element is your purpose. Bringing your deep passion into alignment with your creativity to stay connected with what you are manifesting.

1:25 Wood element is your structure plan. This element supports profitability and sustainability for ourselves and for our community.

1:45 Fire element brings passion and expression together to share with the world.

3:30 What sets your product apart? Define: Flower essence is the vibration frequency that you get by putting plants under sun for a period of time and then adding brandy. Knowing I was connected to flower essence inspired me to bring into my body care line.

4:30 Planetary essence created when Venus went across the sun in 2012 resulted in the creation of Venus Rose Essence. The Earth and Venus's orbits make a rhythm of a rose. Created body care...

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Episode 4: Just My Type Letterpress Eureka CA

In this podcast episode Maggie interviews Lynn M. Jones, founder and owner of Just My Type Letterpress in Eureka, CA. She shares the path that led to her success, how creativity fueled her and the importance of having a connection to the community.

1:50 Journey was inspired by meeting a legend in the field of graphic design named David Lance Goines in Berkley, California.

3:15 Internship leads to hands on knowledge.

4:30 Incorporating the artist side of oneself and expanding repeatedly is key to success.

5:30 How to incorporate a business which includes aspects of your true self.

6:00 Importance of greeting customers and being friendly to create a welcoming atmosphere.

6:25 Including education for youth to be inspired is a way of giving back to the community.

7:00 Staying true to one's business philosophy through awareness of focusing on women makers, local artists, and handmade products. 

8:05 Choosing ethically made products to support causes for sex trafficing of women.


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Episode 3: The Wood Element Can Really Help Us Grow & Expand Our Business

Episode # 3 focuses on the Wood Element and how that relates to a business plan. It explains how the wood element can really help us to grow and expand our business.

Review of all the elements:

1:00 Water is our soul purpose and how our business idea really connects in with our true passion & our spirit. This source offers potency for a strong business model.

1:30 Wood element can assist you in creating a business plan. Key benefits are that it can help you learn how to use your setbacks and challenges to actually propel your business further.

1:50 Fire is the action of service. All the parts of business that involve things like production, sales, and delivery.

2:00 Earth is connected to the relationships within business. This applies to all aspects which can include marketing, networking and especially the employees you need to operate. This element can help with relationships so you can focus on growth and outreach.

2:20 Metal involves all things you are accountable for....

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Episode 2: Water Is The Soulful Purpose That Inspires Your Business

This Episode #2 is dedicated to the Water Element and how it relates to your business model. Water is the soulful purpose that inspires your business. Wood element is more of planning and preparing for setbacks. Fire is the action of production and possible failure. Earth element involves all the relationships within the business. Metal addresses business structures including generosity and giving back. Water is the juice of the business and supports us in getting clear on why we feel this is our soul purpose.

2:02 Water is your soulful purpose. One needs strong water to keep going. Water can bring inspiration when we need motivation.

Water element involves perseverance and stamina for motivation to keep moving forward when it feels like we aren’t getting traction or like things aren’t really going our way. Water is also our source of creativity.

What makes you get up in the morning?
What is it that lights you up?
What makes you want to share your message, product and/or...

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Episode 1: Create an Abundant Life By Adopting Nature's Wisdom


In this podcast Maggie O'Dea introduces you to creating an abundant life by adopting nature's wisdom. She shares her story of how she came up with the idea to work with abundance in its natural rhythm. She found a profound alignment in business with the Chinese Philosophy of the 5 elements.

These five elements are: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

Maggie discusses in depth how the theory and philosophy of these healing Elements are a cross culture phenomena.

She explains that if you base your business model on the elements you are likely to prosper with ease.

16:30 Water is your soulful purpose. One needs strong water to keep going. Water can bring inspiration when we need motivation.

17:22 Wood element involves movement or germination of ideas. Having a plan and using project planning is the key to staying grounded in your business so you can make it a reality. Also using business psychology to prepare for obstacles is a helpful tool to create support so you can actually...

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