Episode 2: Water Is The Soulful Purpose That Inspires Your Business

This Episode #2 is dedicated to the Water Element and how it relates to your business model. Water is the soulful purpose that inspires your business. Wood element is more of planning and preparing for setbacks. Fire is the action of production and possible failure. Earth element involves all the relationships within the business. Metal addresses business structures including generosity and giving back. Water is the juice of the business and supports us in getting clear on why we feel this is our soul purpose.

2:02 Water is your soulful purpose. One needs strong water to keep going. Water can bring inspiration when we need motivation.

Water element involves perseverance and stamina for motivation to keep moving forward when it feels like we aren’t getting traction or like things aren’t really going our way. Water is also our source of creativity.

What makes you get up in the morning?
What is it that lights you up?
What makes you want to share your message, product and/or...

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Episode 1: Create an Abundant Life By Adopting Nature's Wisdom


In this podcast Maggie O'Dea introduces you to creating an abundant life by adopting nature's wisdom. She shares her story of how she came up with the idea to work with abundance in its natural rhythm. She found a profound alignment in business with the Chinese Philosophy of the 5 elements.

These five elements are: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

Maggie discusses in depth how the theory and philosophy of these healing Elements are a cross culture phenomena.

She explains that if you base your business model on the elements you are likely to prosper with ease.

16:30 Water is your soulful purpose. One needs strong water to keep going. Water can bring inspiration when we need motivation.

17:22 Wood element involves movement or germination of ideas. Having a plan and using project planning is the key to staying grounded in your business so you can make it a reality. Also using business psychology to prepare for obstacles is a helpful tool to create support so you can actually...

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Has Your Start-up Lost Momentum?
3 Ways To Get Back On Track

Launching a business takes grit, determination and preparation. Yet, sustaining that start-up momentum a year or even two years down the track can be difficult without the right support.

Many of entrepreneurs and business owners set out with a clear vision and mission only to find that the landscape looks much different than we imagined. You might be feeling overwhelmed running day-to-day operations, sales may have plateaued, or perhaps you’re looking for solutions to overcome business challenges. This is where you need to step into your power and embrace change to propel your business forward.

Here are three ways to get back on track and achieve your business dream:

  1. Assess your situation – what’s not working for you and your business? Do you need support to help you refocus on
    one area of the business or do you need financial assistance? If you discover what has and hasn’t been working for
    you, you know what where to focus your energy and what to do next.

  2. ...
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What To Do When People Judge You

We have all felt judged by someone in our life. I have been judged many times but I always find my inner power and prove others wrong. It’s a choice that I have made.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was told by my doctor that I would need a caesarean simply due to my size. Of course he knew nothing about me or my lifestyle – he failed to ask any questions that would provide answers to assist in the safe delivery of my daughter. You see I remained active – I was doing ballet and pilates. Working with my midwives we had a giggle together afterwards as this doctor had to scramble to put his gloves on to catch my baby because I pushed her out so fast! It was a lesson for everyone not to judge a book by its cover.

I am also judged as an entrepreneur and mother. As a busy working mum, I always prioritize my daughter and her needs come first. She is an active child and I choose to put her child in childcare so that she receives the social connection and interaction...

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Starting A Home Yoga Practice - Transition From The Studio

            Creating a home yoga practice can be a challenging transition from practicing in a studio. I began my yoga training when I was 16, in Iowa at a place that was based in the Kripalu tradition. This style of yoga is very emotionally and energetically grounded, and I found it a brilliant intro to yoga because the truest intention of yoga is to unify all aspects of ourselves with the universe.

            There is yoga that is the asanas/poses, and then there is the yoga where you integrate the sense of presence you develop on the mat and live that awareness throughout your day. One way to bring the essence of yoga into our daily lives is by becoming aware of our breath during the day. Another is to become aware of our body sensation and emotional feelings. These are two ways of developing a home yoga practice. With these, we can actually practice yoga while doing dishes, sweeping the floor,...

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Global Collective Grief and Our Bodies - The Relationship Between the Lungs and Heart

            When I encounter adversity I try to look at what the underlying message is for me.  I believe that we are shaped by how we process our emotions and take action during hardships.  I have been looking at the corona virus pandemic and using Chinese energetics and five-element theory to diagnose the disease and it’s global reach.

            In Chinese energetics it is believed that we hold grief in our lungs.  The lungs are organ of inspiration and expiration.  When we don’t fully grieve it gets trapped in our lungs. 

            The lungs are a metal element organ and a profoundly sacred center in our body.   This is because it is how we take in prana or life force energy from our environment. The relationship between the lungs and heart is very intimate because oxygen fills our lungs...

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GOALS!!! Q1/Q2 Evaluation


            One of the best ways to ensure continued progress is to set goals and have accountability.  In my program, Elements of Business, I teach about how to reverse engineer your dreams and also how to plan for new projects in your business.  These are both really good tools for charting out a course of action to take.  Since we are at the end of the first quarter of 2020, it’s a good time to review what you have accomplished so far.


            If you set goals for the first quarter look and see how you are doing on attaining these goals.  My main goal was to start a podcast, which is coming out in a few weeks!  My second goal was to re-launch my body-care line, that got a little side-tracked, more about that another time.  My third goal was to focus on re-writes for a book that I am writing; I made some serious progress with this one. ...

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🎥VLOG: Meet Amrita Botanicals!


Jennifer, from Amrita Botanicals, pours her heart and soul into her business!  She does it all from growing the herbs she uses in her products, distilling the herbs to get the essential oil, formulating products, to delivering top-notch facials using crystal energy and reiki!! She has been inspired by her study of Ayurveda and enjoys the one on one connection to her clients through the development and implementation of her products. Jennifer grows all her own plants - there are no un-natural chemicals in her products! 

She loves her business because she assists her clients with relaxation and provides an escape from their every day lives. 

What an inspiration to us all to pour everything you have into our business and watch it soar!!


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🎥VLOG: Meet Just My Type!

Lynn, of Just My Type Letterpress, is the the definition of a true creative entrepreneur!  While studying graphics design in college she stumbled upon an old-fashioned printer in the bay area and was lit up!  She took that inspiration and has a brick and mortar shop complete with a printing workshop space! 
Watch this and get fueled up to manifest your dream!!
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🎥VLOG: Meet Humboldt Bay Social Club

Amy, from the Humboldt Bay Social Club, was just looking for a family home and ended up opening a full boutique hotel with cabins from her personal home searches. Her design styles are on-trend, in fashion, but also classically chic and timeless! She loves designing with her 'found objects' and she especially enjoys collecting comfort pieces. Amy's goal is to make people feel comfortable as soon as they enter, yet keep each person uniquely interested in the decor she adorns the spaces with.
Watch this interview to get the courage to take the next step in starting or scaling your creative business endeavor!
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