Episode 60 | Action and Vision | Josie May

In Episode 60 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Josie May, Business Coach & Strategist. Today we discuss all things business, action plans and how to upscale your business in the midst of hardship with gratitude.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
2.15 - Josie shares with us her work as a Business Coach & Strategist working with female entrepreneurs.
2.45 - Opening up to wealth in our lives and how to deal with the fear around money.
4.25 - The joy of money and its scope to give us influence on the world.
5.30 - Josie’s top tips for creating wealth within your business.
7.35 - There comes growth when you balance the scary and the exciting.
8.15 - Giving ourselves the authority to dream, and dream big.
11.13 - Taking a dream and turning it into a vision by ‘taking one step today.’
14.55 - Action can come from a place of fear or love and how to make the right choices.
17.30 - ‘Action puts you where miracles can find...

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Episode 59 | Meet your Heart-Brain | Ilan Stephani

In Episode 59 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Author, Ilan Stephani, about meeting your Heart-Brain.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork

1.20 - Ilan shares with us a bit about her work and her experience of heart breathing. 

2.30 - Her first heavy encounter of heart-brain and explains this experience. 

4.14 - The mind is the sweet child of the heart-brain and nurturing and training our mind. 

5.30- The physiological changes Ilan had experienced and how bringing your heart into alignment is a long-term journey.

7.50 - You don’t know what is inside unless you are really listening 

9.00 - The backside of the heart energy.

10.40 - Ilan shares an example of dealing with negativity and the shift she made. 

13.10 - The funnel of grief, pain, shock loss and longing and getting past the uncomfortable feelings. 

15.20 - We can panic when we leave the mind but have not yet arrived at the heart, but with the compression and...

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Episode 58 | Inspiration, Empowerment and Balance | Dr. Shellie Hipsky

In Episode 58 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Author, Coach and CEO of Inspiring Lives International, Dr. Shellie Hipsky. In this episode, we discuss Inspiration, Empowerment and Balance as Shellie shares her tips for goal setting and taking actionable steps.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
2.20 - Dr. Shellie shares with us a bit about her work starting out as a teacher before a life-changing moment opened up a doorway.
4.15 - She is now CEO of Inspiring Lives International, Director of Inspiring Lives as well as she is a Coach, Author of 13 Books, C-Suite Network Executive & Forbes Coaches Council
5.45 - How Shellie’s multiple programs can help us centre back on inspired and empowered living for Women around the world.
7.40 - Shellie’s tips for an inspired business plan, the first being authenticity and flexibility.
8.45 - Setting up boundaries for yourself and allowing yourself to change your pace.
11.00 - Dr. Shellie’s...

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Episode 57 | Spirituality and Mental Health | Anna Yusim

In Episode 57 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Psychiatrist, Author and Coach Anna Yusim. Anna shares how we can achieve heart-mind alignment through acknowledging our spirituality and working on our mental health.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
2.50 - Anna shares with us a bit about her work as a Psychiatrist, Author and Coach
4.00 - Looking within, identifying limitations and moving beyond our limitations.
5.00 - The necessity of intentional and deep soul searching to discover our inner-truths
7.00 - The point of power we have over our emotions to recondition our feelings.
8.00 - Thoughts are not facts and Anna’s tips for stepping back and recognising our emotions.
9.30 - Visualisation techniques and giving your mind factual guidance.
12.30 - Dominance of our mind can lead to imbalance.
13.30 - The definition of heart-mind alignment to Anna.
15.40 - Courage comes from the heart.
18.00 - Decrement and how to know which voice to follow.

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Episode 56 | Planting Spirituality | Kathi Keville

In Episode 56 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Herbalist, Aromatherapist, & Author Kathi Keville.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
1.50 - Kathi shares with us a bit about her work and the ‘plant journey’.
2.50 - Teaching elements, aromatherapy and herbal techniques to bring new light to others.
4.00 - Kathi shares one of her own spiritual journey’s while on a herbalist trip in Greece.
7.30 - Fully investing in our experience
8.40 - The key to our own essence
11.00 - Kathi shares some techniques we can use to ID plants, herbalism and aromatherapy and how they all connect to spirituality.
15.00 - As humans, we have been evolving with plants and their distinct energy.
18.30 - Reintegrating with flora and the medicine available in our backyards.
23.00 - The science behind aromatherapy and herbal medicines and Kathi shares the unique healing properties of lemon balm and mugwort.
26.30 - We tend to have ally plants and the spiritual...

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Episode 55 | An Enlightened Life | Annette Rugulo

In Episode 55 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Global Teacher and Speaker, Annette Rugulo. Her manta is ‘Live an Enlightened Life’ and shares how we can connect with sentient beings as a part of our spiritual journey.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
2.30 - Annette shares with us a bit about her work as a teacher and speaker working on the inner and outer environment.
5.00 - Feng Shui is the billboard to the universe.
6.30 - Marie Diamond’s App *(who we hosted in Episode 17) and how Annette uses it.
9.00 - Our spiritual journey is like climbing a mountain.
11.00 - Reconnecting to elemental beings.
15.15 - Learning how to open the field for a fairy visual experience using dowsing..
18.30 - Organising your thoughts and the energy in spiritual coherence.
21.30 - The energy trapped in the earth.
23.00 - Humanity has disconnected from spiritual beings and Annette’s advice for connecting.
28.30 - Finding energies that help us to...

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Episode 53 | Intention and Astrology | Alexandra Rueve

In Episode 54 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Alexandra Rueve, also known as Sandy, who is the co-owner of Intention Beads. This week we will be discussing how astrology can help us in our lives and give direction.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
2.15 - Alexandra is an astrologer and shares with us a bit about her work.
3.35 - The beginning of Alexandra’s solid awareness of her own spiritual journey in her early 40s.
6.15 - Our intellectual understanding of astrology, how it functions and the foundations it can lay.
8.20 - The correlation to protons and neutrons and how these elements relate to our spiritual journey.
9.50 - Paying attention to the outside world which is reflecting in our inside world.
12.50 - Defining our purpose in life through readings.
16.10 - Alexandra explains some of the terminology.
19.55 - Spirit is persistent – even in our free will and how to step into your calling.
21.40 - Alexandra shares where the idea...

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Episode 53 |The Sound of the Genuine | Linda Kay Klein

In Episode 53 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Linda Kay Klein, Author, Coach and President of Break Free Together. Today we are discussing religious beliefs and how to find a connection to genuine self.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
2.20 - Linda shares with us her work as an Author.
4.40 - Respecting where other people are at in their own spiritual journey.
5.30 - Linda’s personal spiritual journey, starting when she was young, and how her experience has evolved.
8.30 – Defining purity and the choice Linda made to leave the church.
10.40 - Discovering which teachings to hold onto and which ones to let go of if they no longer serve you.
11.15 - Realising the loss of belonging and the grief associated with this process.
15.44 - The deep-seeded teachings embedded in Linda’s mind and how she struggled with those teachings.
17.40 - ‘Going home’ and the moment Linda realised she was not alone in her experience.
18.50 -...

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Episode 52 | Outer change from inner coherent | Jamaica Stephens


In Episode 52 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Jamaica Stephens, Author, Group facilitator and community organiser. Today she shares how healing can uplift our lives.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
1.50 - Jamaica Stephens shares with us her work.
4.00 - The critical connection between individual and community work.
5.20 - The personal journey and creating viable systemic change.
7.00 - Knowing your own bandwidth to be able to stretch that bandwidth.
10.00 - Transformation and communal uprising when approaching advocacy.
14.00 - The most impactful change comes from a place of responsiveness in healing themselves.
15.20 - Outer change from inner coherent.
16.40 - The motivators of fear and love.
20.50 - Dismantling purposefully and re-creating with intentionality
22.20 - Jamaica explains what compels people to make change.
25.20 – Igniting our passion and our why.
29.00 - Deconstructing the sense of limitation.
38.00 - Liberating ourselves...

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Episode 51 |Super Self-Care | Dr. Gail Brenner

In Episode 51 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews psychologist and Author, Dr. Gail Brenner. Today we discover the courage to focus on our self-care and make positive shifts in our lives. 

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork

2.00 - Dr. Gail Brenner shares with us her work. 

4.00- Realising the impact of early experiences and patterns developed by trauma.

5.15 - Awareness within our own bodies

8.00 - A key factor for healing is coming to a place of safety.

10.50 - Dr. Gail’s tips for finding a safe space within yourself. 

13.30 - Our evolution and recalibrating our internal healing

15.44 - Meditation, conscious breath, attention to the body, and are all helpful techniques for bringing regulation internally.

17.45 - Super Self-Care and learning to take care of ourselves. 

21.00 - Developing our array of tools in our toolbox. 

23.30 - Developmental patterns and listening to something deeper within ourselves. 

25.00 -...

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