What To Do When People Judge You

We have all felt judged by someone in our life. I have been judged many times but I always find my inner power and prove others wrong. It’s a choice that I have made.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was told by my doctor that I would need a caesarean simply due to my size. Of course he knew nothing about me or my lifestyle – he failed to ask any questions that would provide answers to assist in the safe delivery of my daughter. You see I remained active – I was doing ballet and pilates. Working with my midwives we had a giggle together afterwards as this doctor had to scramble to put his gloves on to catch my baby because I pushed her out so fast! It was a lesson for everyone not to judge a book by its cover.

I am also judged as an entrepreneur and mother. As a busy working mum, I always prioritize my daughter and her needs come first. She is an active child and I choose to put her child in childcare so that she receives the social connection and interaction with others her own age. I often get asked why I do not have my daughter with me while I am working from home. The reality is that I’m running multiple companies in different time zones which require a high level of attention as they are the ultimate source of income for my family.

She attends childcare regularly for six hours a day. People will ask me, "WHEN do you have your daughter?" I prefer to focus on giving her all my attention when I’m caring for her. I am present with her when I’m with her, yet I am still able to advance my projects and businesses during my working days. I do what works for me and my family - other people's judgments are just their own viewpoints and none of my business.

Judgment by others can affect us immensely, raising feelings of frustration, anger, hate, insecurity and fear. It’s important to remember that everyone is allowed to have their own beliefs and opinions, but you should ALWAYS live your life the way you want to.

Here are my top three tips for when you are being judged:

1) Reassure yourself of your truth and knowingness that only you know your reality, no one else is living your life or walking in your shoes.

2) Step into your power at a new level, clear away any projected energies and get clarity on what it is that you want.

3) Then speak your truth if necessary to advocate for yourself. Do not give away your power and presence.



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