Starting A Home Yoga Practice - Transition From The Studio

business savasana yoga Jun 04, 2020

            Creating a home yoga practice can be a challenging transition from practicing in a studio. I began my yoga training when I was 16, in Iowa at a place that was based in the Kripalu tradition. This style of yoga is very emotionally and energetically grounded, and I found it a brilliant intro to yoga because the truest intention of yoga is to unify all aspects of ourselves with the universe.

            There is yoga that is the asanas/poses, and then there is the yoga where you integrate the sense of presence you develop on the mat and live that awareness throughout your day. One way to bring the essence of yoga into our daily lives is by becoming aware of our breath during the day. Another is to become aware of our body sensation and emotional feelings. These are two ways of developing a home yoga practice. With these, we can actually practice yoga while doing dishes, sweeping the floor, or looking out the window. 

            Now let’s talk about a home yoga practice on the mat. Here are a few guidelines and things to think about so that when you arrive on the mat you are fully prepared for your practice and feel fulfilled.

  • Start by gathering any props you may want during your practice, such as:
  • a yoga mat
  • a folded blanket
  • a block
  • a strap

(You don’t need these things, but if you are accustomed to using them, it might be helpful to acquire them. Think about what you will want for Savasana/rest pose as well.)

  • Get a glass of water to have during your practice.
  • Find a nice spot in your dwelling to practice. Think about creating a peaceful, positive visual space.
  • Determine what energy level you would like your practice to be.
  • Think about if you would like to follow an audio or video class or just tune into your body and go for it.
  • Decide how much time you have today to dedicate to your practice, or decide to leave it open-ended.
  • Whether you are being guided by a class or by your own inspiration, remember to start with tuning into your breath to get present and grounded.
  • If you are going off your own inspiration, find some music to play that will create the vibe you want. For example, play higher energy music for a more invigorating practice and more meditative music for a more relaxed session.
  • If you are self-guiding your practice, decide it you want to come up with a routine before-hand or just tune-in and flow with your body.
  • If you are going with the tune-in and flow option, try to just move with your inspiration and stay in poses as long or short a time as you feel is right for your body. Sometimes I like to try to stay in a pose for two more breaths past when my mind wants to release it. One of the advantages of going to a class is that you get pushed a little beyond your comfort zone by the instructor.

        One of the most challenging parts of a home practice, besides getting out your mat to start, is providing a place where you can let your mind relax while getting in a good fulfilling practice. That’s just the ticket…show up and be guided by your body. Really try to take the time to end your practice with Savasana! That is the time to integrate your practice and is the true gift to yourself to just be in bliss.

            A home practice can truly revolutionize your life by giving you the ability to fit it in where and when you have the time and space. It becomes a way to empower yourself and your inner guidance and to cultivate internal leadership, self-discipline, and a deeper relationship with your own inner landscape.


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