GOALS!!! Q1/Q2 Evaluation


            One of the best ways to ensure continued progress is to set goals and have accountability.  In my program, Elements of Business, I teach about how to reverse engineer your dreams and also how to plan for new projects in your business.  These are both really good tools for charting out a course of action to take.  Since we are at the end of the first quarter of 2020, it’s a good time to review what you have accomplished so far.


            If you set goals for the first quarter look and see how you are doing on attaining these goals.  My main goal was to start a podcast, which is coming out in a few weeks!  My second goal was to re-launch my body-care line, that got a little side-tracked, more about that another time.  My third goal was to focus on re-writes for a book that I am writing; I made some serious progress with this one.  So, all-in-all I am super pleased with my accomplishments in the first quarter. 


            Now that we have completed this evaluation we can look at things you completed and can take off the list, and things you may want to re-vision for the second quarter, as well as, new project you want to add to your goals for second quarter.  It’s good to have three main goals each quarter to focus your energy on and ensure that progress is happening. 


            In the second quarter I am going to focus on promoting my podcast and getting guests lined-up for the second season.  I am also hosting a virtual retreat in May, called Quintessence Virtual Retreat, more about that very soon!  Lastly, I am going to finish my re-writes and hand my book back to my editor. 


            The things I am putting a little bit on the back burner is the re-launch of my body-care line.  I am still going to move forward but not as a primary focus.  The benefit of creating these new goals is that I know where to focus my energy this spring to really get the results and forward movement I want in my business!


            Tell me what goals you are working towards and also how quarter one went.  Is there anything I could do to support you in your goals?  Let me know!



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