Global Collective Grief and Our Bodies - The Relationship Between the Lungs and Heart

            When I encounter adversity I try to look at what the underlying message is for me.  I believe that we are shaped by how we process our emotions and take action during hardships.  I have been looking at the corona virus pandemic and using Chinese energetics and five-element theory to diagnose the disease and it’s global reach.

            In Chinese energetics it is believed that we hold grief in our lungs.  The lungs are organ of inspiration and expiration.  When we don’t fully grieve it gets trapped in our lungs. 

            The lungs are a metal element organ and a profoundly sacred center in our body.   This is because it is how we take in prana or life force energy from our environment. The relationship between the lungs and heart is very intimate because oxygen fills our lungs and feeds our heart.

            I believe that the collective grief we are experiencing for the planet is getting stuck in our lungs.  I think that is why it has taken hold on such a global level.  How can we get the transformation that this experience is offering us:

  • Breathing exercises – pranayama
  • Tune into the grief of the planet and your own personal grief and process the stifled emotions
  • Use time to self-reflect (another metal element energy.) What is working in your life and what is not?
  • What shifts could you make for the planet and yourself to be in greater alignment with your true desires?

A positive benefit of us all staying home is that our carbon emissions are down.  Maybe there are some shifts in how we live during this pandemic that would help with the environmental crises we are undergoing.  A shift in consciousness is all that it takes.  Maybe millions of people need to start tele-commuting indefinitely to save our planet?


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