Finding a Power Spot in Nature

Nature has always been a source of connection with spirit for me. When I was about three years old, we lived in an oak tree forest in Iowa. I would ask my mom if I could go outside by myself, and one day she said yes! She watched me from inside go and sit in the woods. I remember talking to the trees as if they were friends and asking them why I was here; what was my purpose in being born? They would tell me that one day it would all make sense. When I look back on this relationship I had with the trees, it’s like they were an advisory council for me. I felt like I belonged and was seen. As a
teenager, also in Iowa, we could drive to a small park out in the cornfields that had a swinging bridge. It was called Margaret Guye Woods, and whenever I was there a sense of euphoria came over me. This was a place where just being there made me feel like
everything was okay just as it was; it was like a still-point for me. When I lived in the Colorado, I would find little parks or trails in the foothills and go to the same place regularly. I would develop a relationship with the place itself. When. we do this, each
time we visit we become aware of any changes in the place, and we also notice within ourselves where we need to come back into balance.

Nature acts like an inlet to my inner self and an easy access point for higher wisdom to lead me to de-stress and receive guidance. I have found throughout my life that wherever I am living — in Iowa, Colorado, California, Europe, or Hawaii — I end up finding a power spot in nature. So, what does that mean exactly?

A power spot is a place where you feel at home, where you feel a sense of oneness. There is a kinship that you feel with the place, and a sense of peace and belonging takes over. This isn't about the majesty of an epic mountain top; it's about any
place that feels good to your spirit.

Find a place in nature and where you can recharge, drop-in, and feel a deep sense of peace with whatever the world is dishing out! And if you'd like, share with me in the comments a picture of your power spot or how it makes you feel! If you're feeling really ambitious, consider creating an artistic expression of the place and upload a copy here!


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