Episode 9: Interview: Darieth Chisolm

darieth chisolm

In this podcast episode Maggie interviews Darieth Chisolm , Visibility and Speaking Coach, Award-winning TV Host and Filmmaker. Director of the social justice documentary 50 Shades of Silence, Darieth shares her experience with the power of forgiveness.


0:30 Introduction of Darieth.

1:00 Breath work

1:15 Set intentions for what you would like to receive during this time.

1:45 Darieth speaks about her experience of being an Emmy Award-winning TV Host, Author, Speaker, Life & Business Coach and Filmmaker.

2:20 Master the art of telling stories and public speaking.

4:00 Intentional forgiveness creates freedom to let go.

5:30 Emotionally forgive in our hearts.

9:45 How to begin to cultivate forgiveness towards people.

10:00 Heal wounds of self inflicted pain and shame

11:00 Who do you need to become now?

12:30 Shifting from survivor to warrior.

14:45 Life can change drastically for the better as a result of forgiveness.

15:30 Contribution to society brings empowerment.

16:00 Use your voice, your story, your platform to crusade for other victims.

18:15 Forgiving continues to get easier, with awareness, in the long run.

19:10 You can choose to be in a constant act of forgiveness.

20:05 Creates space for you to be free.

22:00 Learning an authentic form of gratitude.

22:40 Forgiveness transfers into professionalism.

23:30 No one is going to forgive you unless you forgive yourself first.

24:40 Fostering and guiding our children by teaching balance within love.

26:00 We struggle with forgiveness because we all want to be right.

27:00 Avoid manifesting negative side effects.

28:00 Learning to forgive ourselves.

29:00 Hard to move forward if carrying the weight of not forgiving yourself.

29:50 Mirror work

31:00 Numbing oneself has side effects.

32:40 Unexpected gifts that come from forgiveness.

 33:24 Practicing forgiveness can significantly and successfully deepen one's life work.






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