Episode 8: Metal Element

darieth chisolm

Episode #8 explores the Metal Element and how it relates to your business. Using ongoing reflection, assessment and structuring will lead you to profit, peace and personal growth.

0:45 Water element is your purpose. Bringing your deep passion into alignment with your creativity to stay connected with what you are manifesting.

1:10 Wood element is your structure plan. This element supports profitability and sustainability for ourselves and for our community.

1:45 Fire element brings passion and expression together to share with the world. Actualizing business and taking creative action.

2:10 Earth element is sharing the product or service, putting your business out there.

2:45 Metal element involves REFLECTION. Cultivating balance is key too overall business structure in providing profit, peace and personal growth.

3:55 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) - for anything you are doing consistently it is helpful to have an agenda or list to keep your team on the same page.

5:30 SOP serves many purposes in business. The practice of pacing oneself can lead to opportunity to be even more creatively open if a new inspiration arises.

6:10 Failure to launch can happen when you aren't pacing yourself. Consolidating business information into a form of visual representation can serve as a supportive structure for your team. A couple ways to scale your business;

  • Increase volume or create more products to sell.
  • Create systems to share, reflect and check your business well-being.

8:25 Metal element involves structures and systems which includes accounting.

9:10 Social media can be an expense financially and can be a strain on time management.

11:00 Is social media worth the expense? The metal element can consistently help you to reflect on your time and money.

12:05 Are you getting the results you want? Metal element is a reflection and steady questioning of your personal satisfaction.

13:00 Multiple outlets for all types of learners and for all different kinds of clients.15:25  

15:25 Metal element involves reflecting regularly on whether your business is feeding you? Is it facilitating creativity?

16:45 Go DEEP into one focus. Adding in designated time to integrate can lead to a lot more clarity which is key to not becoming overwhelmed. A constant state of growth can be unhealthy and stressful so be sure to balance your elements.

18:30 Pause can bring us into a deep reflection and create an opening for epiphany's.

19:15 Reflecting is a good way to build confidence. Make sure you are your own support. Allow space each day or week to reflect on what is working and what is not.

20:30 Aspects of generosity are supported by metal element. Through generosity you may have opportunities to support your community.

22:00 Point of connection where the alignment of all comes together. Show your clients your connection to humanity by volunteering or gifting charity enables you to serve your community.

22:30 Biggest act of generosity is to give which in turn makes one feel successful.

23:30 The point of business is to make a profit. Be open to other lines of revenue expansion as you master your initial product.

24:00 How to grow into the future and stay in place of INSPIRATION.

25:00 Utilize meditation & reflection in your business. What is most important to you? Stay in alignment with who you are. Be open to advice and suggestions but be mindful it may not work for you.

27:00 5 Elements of Cycle of Creation

28:00 Focus on what is true for you in your business as this will bring you the greatest success. Every time we start something new or make changes we need to go back to the cycle of creation through the elements.

WATER: Start with purpose, inspiration WOOD: Building, actualization of dreams FIRE: Production, performance, service EARTH: Share it, put it out there
METAL: Profit and reflection

* move back into water after metal and repeat process Honoring you on your path to entrepreneurship!

Honoring you on your path to entrepreneurship!



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