Episode 64 | Realistic Goal Setting | Courtney Peacock

courtney peacock podcast Nov 22, 2022

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
2.20 - Courtney shares with us her work as a performance coach who specialises in stress management for entrepreneurs.
3.15 - Regulating the stress is an essential skill for all of us to learn and why it is so difficult.
4.30 - Courtney walks us through her goal setting process.
5.25 – Intentionally mapping out your planning sessions builds excitement rather than a chore.
7.00 – Learning to manage our ‘washing machine minds’.
8.50 - Planning clears up space for the future.
9.30 – How to extract realistic plans from your goals.
11.25 - The outcome of goals and not getting trapped in the result, but seeing it as learning.
14.10 - Staying in the playful energy and creativity when it comes to our goals.
16.30 - Staying connected to the purpose of what you are doing.
20.00 - Courtney says, ‘The most valuable lesson we learn is when things don’t go to plan.’
21.30 - Approaching new ventures and the value of engaging a business coach.
24.10 – The freedom in delegation.
25.00 - Dealing with overwhelm and Courtney’s tips for counteracting lack of confidence.
26.10 – Courtney’s motivation tips for the entrepreneur.
26.50 - How to stay personally inspired and act with purpose.
32.45 - Scheduling out your time including sleep, energy management and breaks.
36.00 - Entrepreneurs are susceptible to burn-out and the value of our long-term health.
38.00 - Close.

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