Episode 60 | Action and Vision | Josie May

josie may podcast vision Sep 27, 2022

In Episode 60 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Josie May, Business Coach & Strategist. Today we discuss all things business, action plans and how to upscale your business in the midst of hardship with gratitude.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
2.15 - Josie shares with us her work as a Business Coach & Strategist working with female entrepreneurs.
2.45 - Opening up to wealth in our lives and how to deal with the fear around money.
4.25 - The joy of money and its scope to give us influence on the world.
5.30 - Josie’s top tips for creating wealth within your business.
7.35 - There comes growth when you balance the scary and the exciting.
8.15 - Giving ourselves the authority to dream, and dream big.
11.13 - Taking a dream and turning it into a vision by ‘taking one step today.’
14.55 - Action can come from a place of fear or love and how to make the right choices.
17.30 - ‘Action puts you where miracles can find you.’
19.23 - Creating a timeline for goals while also considering reality.
21.20 - The biggest challenge Josie has noticed when we set goals.
22.46 - Staying creative to find solutions.
24.56 - The essential tools of Gratitude and Reflection.
27.55 - Josie’s advice to creative entrepreneurs looking out over their business’ future.
29.55 - The importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded and supportive people.
30.31 - Josie suggests keeping your dream close and discerning who you share it with.
32.45 - Josie says, ‘All you need is confidence, a vision, joy and support.’
34.30 – Close.

Josie May

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