Episode 56 | Planting Spirituality | Kathi Keville

In Episode 56 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Herbalist, Aromatherapist, & Author Kathi Keville.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
1.50 - Kathi shares with us a bit about her work and the ‘plant journey’.
2.50 - Teaching elements, aromatherapy and herbal techniques to bring new light to others.
4.00 - Kathi shares one of her own spiritual journey’s while on a herbalist trip in Greece.
7.30 - Fully investing in our experience
8.40 - The key to our own essence
11.00 - Kathi shares some techniques we can use to ID plants, herbalism and aromatherapy and how they all connect to spirituality.
15.00 - As humans, we have been evolving with plants and their distinct energy.
18.30 - Reintegrating with flora and the medicine available in our backyards.
23.00 - The science behind aromatherapy and herbal medicines and Kathi shares the unique healing properties of lemon balm and mugwort.
26.30 - We tend to have ally plants and the spiritual aspects of plants historically.
31.00 - Sacred geometry and what this represents in the plant world.
33.00 - The infinite healing power of plants and incorporating them with oil.
38.00 - The use of medicinal plants goes back generations and how we can reconnect to the plants.
39.40 - Kelli’s tips for reconnecting back to plants.
41.00 - Close.



Kathi Keville

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