Episode 55 | An Enlightened Life | Annette Rugulo

annette rugulo life podcast Jul 20, 2022

In Episode 55 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Global Teacher and Speaker, Annette Rugulo. Her manta is ‘Live an Enlightened Life’ and shares how we can connect with sentient beings as a part of our spiritual journey.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
2.30 - Annette shares with us a bit about her work as a teacher and speaker working on the inner and outer environment.
5.00 - Feng Shui is the billboard to the universe.
6.30 - Marie Diamond’s App *(who we hosted in Episode 17) and how Annette uses it.
9.00 - Our spiritual journey is like climbing a mountain.
11.00 - Reconnecting to elemental beings.
15.15 - Learning how to open the field for a fairy visual experience using dowsing..
18.30 - Organising your thoughts and the energy in spiritual coherence.
21.30 - The energy trapped in the earth.
23.00 - Humanity has disconnected from spiritual beings and Annette’s advice for connecting.
28.30 - Finding energies that help us to bridge the spiritual and material world.
30.00 - Annette shares some personal spiritual experiences.
35.00 - Listening to, and interpreting our dreams.
40.00 - Asking yourself, ’Is this all there is?’
42.30 - Quantum light frequencies and consciously connect with your higher self.
46.00- Meditation and spirituality.
49.30 - Close.

Annette Rugulo


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