Episode 53 |The Sound of the Genuine | Linda Kay Klein

In Episode 53 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Linda Kay Klein, Author, Coach and President of Break Free Together. Today we are discussing religious beliefs and how to find a connection to genuine self.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
2.20 - Linda shares with us her work as an Author.
4.40 - Respecting where other people are at in their own spiritual journey.
5.30 - Linda’s personal spiritual journey, starting when she was young, and how her experience has evolved.
8.30 – Defining purity and the choice Linda made to leave the church.
10.40 - Discovering which teachings to hold onto and which ones to let go of if they no longer serve you.
11.15 - Realising the loss of belonging and the grief associated with this process.
15.44 - The deep-seeded teachings embedded in Linda’s mind and how she struggled with those teachings.
17.40 - ‘Going home’ and the moment Linda realised she was not alone in her experience.
18.50 - During her research, she discovered she was one of the first teens to be part of the ‘purity movement’.
21.20 - Carrying shame in your own body and the work required to re-connect with ourselves.
23.00 - Linda reflects on the spiritual journey.
25.15 - The sound of the genuine.
27.10 - Covid, our relationship to the planet, and the connectedness of all our spiritual journeys.
31.00 - The reclaiming of self and, for those who want to, the reconnecting of God and self.
35.00 - The power of self-reflection to be bold and challenge beliefs taught in childhood.
40.15 - The series of moments which led Linda to challenge her beliefs.
44.30 - Love and acceptance in contrast with rejection and judgement.
47.00 - Linda’s reflections on her spiritual journey and her perception on loneliness.
52.40 - Close.


Linda Kay Klein


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