Episode 53 | Intention and Astrology | Alexandra Rueve

In Episode 54 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Alexandra Rueve, also known as Sandy, who is the co-owner of Intention Beads. This week we will be discussing how astrology can help us in our lives and give direction.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
2.15 - Alexandra is an astrologer and shares with us a bit about her work.
3.35 - The beginning of Alexandra’s solid awareness of her own spiritual journey in her early 40s.
6.15 - Our intellectual understanding of astrology, how it functions and the foundations it can lay.
8.20 - The correlation to protons and neutrons and how these elements relate to our spiritual journey.
9.50 - Paying attention to the outside world which is reflecting in our inside world.
12.50 - Defining our purpose in life through readings.
16.10 - Alexandra explains some of the terminology.
19.55 - Spirit is persistent – even in our free will and how to step into your calling.
21.40 - Alexandra shares where the idea for the Intention Beads came from.
26.00 - Embedding energy and allowing energy exchange.
31.10 - Walking with spirited creation which you say ‘yes’ to in order to find true purpose.
34.15 - Claiming your unique beauty, instead of what we think beauty should be.
35.00 - Fostering awareness, trust and the confidence in the confirmation of astrology.
40.00 - Alexandra questions us by saying, ‘how are you moving forward?’
42.20 - Claiming the message from the universe, if we are available for it.
46.40 - Finding our essence in our purpose.
48.00 - Close

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