Episode 5: The Fire Element and Your Business Plan

Episode #5 focuses on the Fire Element and how that relates to a business plan. This element integrates passion and expression, allowing you to share your dreams with the world.

0:45 Water element is your purpose. Bringing your deep passion into alignment with your creativity to stay connected with what you are manifesting.

1:25 Wood element is your structure plan. This element supports profitability and sustainability for ourselves and for our community.

1:45 Fire element brings passion and expression together to share with the world.

3:30 What sets your product apart? Define: Flower essence is the vibration frequency that you get by putting plants under sun for a period of time and then adding brandy. Knowing I was connected to flower essence inspired me to bring into my body care line.

4:30 Planetary essence created when Venus went across the sun in 2012 resulted in the creation of Venus Rose Essence. The Earth and Venus's orbits make a rhythm of a rose. Created body care line off these celestial passions.

5:20 Intention to help women release all projections of beauty and re-frame beauty through the planet Venus Rose Essence. Encouraging women to embody their true beauty which comes from self alignment in your own unique way.

6:25 Freedom to be who we are.

6:40 Creative process of production, formulating plans and marketing strategies. For example, product line is vibrational medicine so choosing cobalt blue bottles to keep vibration in tact is
a marketing strategy that supports the product as a quantum medicine even after it has been shipped and is displayed on a shelf. This protects the product from losing it's potent medicine.

8:40 Integrity of product protected by fire element (intention) and in alignment with water element (purpose).

10:20 Every aspect of production brings you back to your essential passion and how you share it with the world through your product.

10:45 Being seen by bringing our passion into the world and how to be financially successful. Take off your mask.

12:30 Soul yearnings and callings can trigger a unique opportunity to be present especially during devastating life experiences which in result can fuel your passion.

14:20 Each moment of life is a gift. Aligning intention with all the elements.

15:15 Follow your calling.

15:45 Inner confidence to bring your passion to the world and be unshakable. 

16:20 Loving the sales aspect (fire element) of business and creating connections with soul recognition.

17:30 Sell from a place of sharing and offering your gift to the world with no attachments.

17:50 Rockstar sales status as a result of feedback loop.

18:15 Brainstorm ideas to build rapport with the community. through wholesale, cold calling, craft fairs, farmer markets, online, international, social media, Etsy and so on.

19:00 Brand recognition involves an active fire element. Building up merchandise displays with an enhanced visual space sets intention to honor the product.

22:00 Fire element is transformational. Tap into the JOY of having completed the creative process!


23:15 Nurture yourself each step of the way to build trust and appreciation for yourself.

23:30 Gratitude for appreciation of clients.

23:45 Be rewarded. Everything you have pushed through makes sense just by being seen by clients' level of value of your creation. This appreciation you will receive from your clients will be your own sign of embracing your faith and allowing gratitude to serve as a reminder of the leap you created for your business as a natural cycle of successful business elements.

25:00 How to know you have provided a valuable service. Are you producing medicine for people's souls to feel joy?

27:00 Pure vibrational energy resulting from reframing your love and how you bring it into the world as your gift. Products and services will find the people who need them. Acknowledging the great service you are offering by showing up in your life to share your gifts.









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