Episode 47 | Performing Through Goals | Courtney Peacock

In Episode 47 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Founder of Pinecone and Performance Coach, Courtney Peacock. Courtney specialises in stress management and shares how we can set goals and how to achieve them. 

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork

1.20 - Changing and uplifting your life through setting your own intentions.

2.20 - Courtney shares with us her work as a performance coach who specialises in stress management for entrepreneurs. 

3.15 - Regulating the stress of entrepreneurship and the challenges of managing people.

4.30 - The techniques Courtney uses to come up with big dreams visions for your business. 

5.25 - The joy in the planning as it is so full of potential and Maggie’s tips for her planning sessions. 

7.00 - Your mind is like a washing machine – you need to move the download to the dryer.

8.50 - Planning clears up space for the future. 

9.30 - Create a huge brain dump, then extract realistic plans, so you can improve.

11.25 - The outcome of goals and not getting trapped in the result, but seeing it as learning.

14.10  - Staying in the playful energy and creativity with our goals, as a tool for staying present.  

16.30 - Staying connected to the purpose of what you are doing.

20.00- Courtney says, ‘The most valuable lessons we learn is when things don’t go to plan.’

21.30- Approaching new waters in business and the value of hiring a coach, and delegating. 

24.10 - There is power and not having a clue but trying anyway.

25.00- Dealing with the overwhelm of the problems and Courtney’s tips for counteracting this lack of confidence.

26.10 - The greatest challenge of setting goals for yourself and using motivational goals.

26.50 - How both Maggie and Courtney stay personally inspired in their own business. 

32.45 - Courtney’s tips for scheduling out your time including sleep, energy management and breaks.

36.00- Entrepreneurs are susceptible to burn-out and taking care of their long-term health. 

38.00 - Close.



Courtney Peacock



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