Episode 46 | Anomalous Trauma | Eve Lorgen

eve lorgen podcast trauma Dec 21, 2021

In Episode 46 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Hypnotherapy Professional, Eve Lorgen. Today we discuss Anomalous Trauma and Eve shares her tips for reconnecting to self and how to heal anomalous trauma.


*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork

1.35- Eve shares with us a bit about her work as a Hypnotherapy Professional

2.20 - Often our minds block experiences or compartmentalise events and, why this happens.

3.55 - Eve’s personal understanding of healing 

5.30 - Sharing our trauma with others to be able to claim who we truly are. 

7.20 - Trauma from abnormal experiences and the internal hiding which results in living a double life.

9.50 - Spiritual experiences and the hero journey in your own healing process. 

11.10 - Eve shares a personal story and the concept of terror splitting.

13.15 - Self forgiveness for not being able to remember trauma.

14.35 - Soul fragmentation and the energy and insight needed to integrate back into your body. 

16.20 - All the emotions which happen during trauma and the resulting lack of discernment 

21.00 - Attachment Trauma, Adaptive Trauma, PTSD, and true dissociative splitting traumas. 

23.00 - The stumbling blocks in the UFO phenomenon and re-connecting in a safe way.

25.00 - How to use your personal resources – walking, art, singing and anything that fills your soul. 

26.30  - Living in disjointed communities, finding a support network and medication prescribed for trauma. 

30.00 - The benefits of yoga and how it has impacted Eve. 

31.30 - Physical work and filling the golden light within you. 

34.00 - Being real, creating authentic connections and engaging in group therapy for safety. 

36.40 - Crying as an emotional response and being ok to do that in public. 

39.30 - Our natural need for community and connection which strengths us on all levels.

44.30 – Even shares why some people are more resilient to trauma. 

49.15- Getting out of your own way to have a break and using nature to facilitate it.

50.00 – Close.



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