Episode 43 | To Go Before The Wind | Renee Baribeau

In Episode 43 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Renee Baribeau Author of ‘Winds of Spirit’, Inspirational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Soul Coach and ‘The Practical Shaman’. Today she shares with us practical tips for forgiveness.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
1.16 - The healing ripple effect.
2.25 - Renee shares with us her work and explains her wind whistles.
3.55 - Confirmation of direction and the doubt that can creep in
4.40 - Forgiveness, wind work, finding true north and Renee’s discoveries.
6.45 - Finding the wind gods and goddesses and, Renee shares their roles.
10.35 - Aligning with creation and forgiveness and ‘going before’.
13.00 - As we evolve, our experience of an event evolve as well.
16.00 - Forgiving whole institutions so we don’t carry suppressed energy.
19.25 - Renee shares an example of forgiveness
21.05 – Practical techniques for identifying hurt, through a heart dump, to reveal what we need to forgive.
24.50 - Finding out your own part in hurt and how these behaviours harm others.
27.40 - The biggest change for Renee as she is now living 95% of her time in the present.
28.45 - Renee walks us through a wind work exercise.
32.10 - The sound scientist while writing ‘Winds of Spirit’.
33.30 - Forgiveness has given Renee back her family – something she didn’t realise was missing.
36.20 - The windmill analogy and how we can recognise the deeper issues of resistance.
40.24 - Forgiveness is like housekeeping, which is why we need to do the daily work.
42.28 – Close.

Renee Baribeau
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