Episode 44 | Inspired Business Plan | Dr. Shellie Hipsky

In Episode 44 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Coach, Author, CEO of Inspiring Lives and Executive Director of Global Sisterhood, Dr. Shellie Hipsky. Today we will be discussing how we can set ourselves up for success with an Inspired Business Plan.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
2.44 - Shellie shares with us a bit about her work, her business goals and multiple media platforms.
4.55 - Her work with Global Sisterhood and focus on inspiring and empowering women around the world.
5.45 - The recipe for an Inspired Business Plan and Shellie’s focus on flexibility, authenticity and boundaries.
8.30 - We discuss boundaries and the tempo of your business.
10.30 - Connecting with yourself, and your loved ones, feed and enrich your business.
11.15 - Shellie’s techniques for her own goal setting and shares the value of a vision board.
12.41 – Creating goals, claiming them and creating clarity for the future.
13.40 - Cleaning the slate for dreaming big.
15.00 - How to start an Inspired Business Plan and Shellie shares a story of her own planning session.
18.00 - Are you able to answer the call of your future and allow yourself moments of insanity and dreaming.
21.40 - Shellie’s advice for creating actionable steps towards our goals.
23.15 - Stepping into your title as a business owner and being proud of those pivotal moments.
24.00 - Pushing through the doubt and using a plan to secure your vision.
27.00 - The biggest challenge for Shellie in setting goals and the ‘GPS’ example.
29.06 - Allowing source to come in and boost you though your business.
30.50 - Before you monetise your idea, deliver it to key people who can sing your praises.
33.10 - The critical value of networking for all business owners.
33.25 - Shellie’s book: Ball Gowns to Yoga Pants: Entrepreneurial Secrets for Creating Your Dream Business and Brand
35.40 - What it looks like to work with Shellie and her VIP 1on1 program.
38.20 - Aligning with like-minded people – remember you are worthy of support.
42.55 – Shellie’s parting words, ‘Inspiration is just a story away.’
43.30 – Close.

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