Episode 40 | Perspective & Purpose | Marisa Imon

In Episode 40 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Marisa Imon. She is a bestselling author of the book ‘Super Intense’, composer, Podcast host of ‘Incandescent’ and creator of Free Manifesting Course. Today we are discussing perspective and purpose.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
1.00 - Marisa leads us in a grounding in session so we can get the most out of the session and shares with us her work.
4.50 - The puzzle of living in this world and some apps that Marisa suggests using for our own daily meditation work.
6.05 - The definition of soulful purpose for Marisa and the evolution of this throughout life.
7.15 - The self-love and acceptance that is needed to honour our path.
9.20 – The flow of our path and how each aspect has a role to play
10.40 - The pain that can come when we resist the spiral of our soulful purpose.
11.30 - Marisa’s journey from teaching to becoming a full-time meditator and finding her personal passion in music.
14.25 - Every aspect of life can be a soulful purpose and her tips for focusing on our long-term goals.
15.55 – Alignment, societal restrictions and open creativity.
18.50 - Marisa shares the defining moment of her life and how she manages her type 1 bipolar.
19.40 – The most defining moment for Marisa and defining her own beliefs.
21.50 - Turning most moments into moments of meditation
23.45 - How Marisa’s path led her to create daily music and meditations, which she now does full time.
26.40 - Getting outside confirmation and acceptance for others once we fall into our purposeful alignment.
29.19 - Removing trapped hidden emotions and changing your mentality.
32.35 - The ongoing process of life spirals and managing personal expectations
35.15 - The external ‘pat on the back’ and learning to listen to your body.
38.10 - Allow ourselves the space to live your calling and your purpose.
39.00 - Embracing our emotions and being ok with them – daily.
40.52- There is no good or bad – if it seems bad it may be leading us to the next perfect place.
44.00 - Close.

Marisa Imon
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