Episode 4: Just My Type Letterpress Eureka CA

In this podcast episode Maggie interviews Lynn M. Jones, founder and owner of Just My Type Letterpress in Eureka, CA. She shares the path that led to her success, how creativity fueled her and the importance of having a connection to the community.

1:50 Journey was inspired by meeting a legend in the field of graphic design named David Lance Goines in Berkley, California.

3:15 Internship leads to hands on knowledge.

4:30 Incorporating the artist side of oneself and expanding repeatedly is key to success.

5:30 How to incorporate a business which includes aspects of your true self.

6:00 Importance of greeting customers and being friendly to create a welcoming atmosphere.

6:25 Including education for youth to be inspired is a way of giving back to the community.

7:00 Staying true to one's business philosophy through awareness of focusing on women makers, local artists, and handmade products. 

8:05 Choosing ethically made products to support causes for sex trafficing of women.

8:15 Choose recycled and eco-minded products.

8:25 Creating community in your space. 

9:15 Offering workshops and providing an enjoyable space for the community can be in alignment with one's intention to honor master craft.

9:30 The focus on sharing inspiration and honoring this master craft produces a continuous love for one's business.

10:30 Overcoming obstacles by being flexible and prioritizing.

12:15 Grow business by giving yourself permission to stretch to new places.

13:00 Feedback from murals on the side of the store attracts a lot of great attention and bridges positive connection with the community.

13:45 Courage is necessary.

14:10 Equal part courage + naivety = positive outlook

14:45 Drive to move forward needs to be strong and committed to the long run.

15:00 Gift to community.




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