Episode 39 | True Expression | Michelle Boule

In Episode 39 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Michelle Boule, Healer, Life Coach and internationally renowned dancer. She has been a dancer for almost 40 years and shares how movement connects us to spirit and, as a result, gives us a connection to ourselves. 

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For more information about our guest visit: Michelle Boule.com

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork

2.10 - Michelle shares with us her work and how to live in true expression. 

4.45 - The invigoration of spirit in each aspect of our daily lives. 

5.45-  Evolving into something new with no predictions and, becoming invigorated by the process. 

7.30 - Having the courage to say yes to an unknown path. 

9.00 - Michelle shares her concept of spirit and listening to your desire.  

10.20 - Reserving space for desire and discovering who you are, which leads to truth. 

12.00 - The role of dance in both Michelle and Maggie’s life. 

 17.55 - Conditioning from society and the choice to live outside the expected.

19.20 - Conflict and unresolved energies which can become a negative charge withing us. 

22.20 - Expression through dance and fulfilling passion through movement. 

25.00 - Becoming a vessel for expression and being allowed to show up. 

26.00 - Our internal dialogue, filtering feelings and becoming whole through healing. 

27.30 - The cultural connection between dance and spirit. 

31.00 - Michelle shares her connection to movement and the desire from her heart. 

32.45 - Losing connection as a result of rules, listening to conflict and ending in wholeness. 

24.50 - Creativity and the enlivening of the body.

36.40 - Letting to go to be able to feel open. 

37.40 - The personal impact dance has had on her own life. 

40.00 - Michelle’s advice to those asking ‘what do I want?’ and then, ‘what do you notice when you take a step?’

42.30 - Spiritual growth is not about getting comfortable but, letting go of what is holding you back. 

44.00 - The thread of continuity in a spiritual journey – decide, make a commitment and your next step will come.

47.00 - Michelle’s final note for creative souls – listen to those little promptings from spirit. 

48.15 - Close. 


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