Episode 38 | Sweet Forgiveness | Charmaine Platon

In Episode 38 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Charmaine Platon. She is a Sugar Cravings Coach, Certified Health Coach, Registered Nurse as well as the creator of "Sugar-Free Self-Care", and is an impulsive eating expert. We discuss the role of sugar in our lives and using forgiveness as a tool for wellness and health.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
1.40 - Charmaine shares with us her work as a Sugar Cravings Coach.
2.40 - The role sugar has played in our lives and it’s addictive tendencies.
4.10 - How forgiveness relates to our diet and health.
6.30 -Habits, our neuro pathways, and creating new neuro pathways.
8.00 - Charmaine’s understanding of forgiveness.
9.00- The sugar-free path and the emotional journey it took on Charmaine.
11.00 - The techniques for removing sugar from our lives.
13.30 - Sugar isn’t evil however, we need to recognise its impact on our bodies.
15.20 - The profound gifts this sugar-free journey has given to Charmaine.
16.20 - Family patterns around food.
19.20 -The greatest challenge from this lifestyle and the sense of loss associated with it.
20.50 - Forgiveness as a weight loss tool and Charmaine’s tips for sustainable change.
23.00 - The process for detoxing sugar from your life.
24.55 - Becoming aware of triggers is the first step towards forgiveness.
26.40 - Re-stabilising yourself and controlling cravings by balancing our hunger hormones.
29.00 - Forgiveness for wellness and health and curating a whole life.
31.15 - Loving yourself, exercising and making time for good choices for our wellness.
32.40 – Close.

Charmaine Platon


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