Episode 37 | Healing Family Patterns | Ariann Thomas

In Episode 37 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Ariann Thomas. She is a ceremonialist, Teacher, Author and Speaker. Today we discuss Ancestral Lineage Clearing and how we can find personal healing by looking at family patterns and clearing the past.

.30 - Introduction and setting intentions for the session.
2.10 - Generational family patterns and Ariann’s work within this space.
4.10 - Using the information age to facilitate healing from the past.
5.00 - Ariann’s definition of forgiveness.
5.50 - Releasing the baggage of the past with love and compassion.
7.20 - Prayer of apology and how to let go of the baggage of the past.
8.50 - The results of holding onto the hurt of the past and the separation it creates.
10.00 - Ritual and ceremony and their value in defining pain so you can then release it.
13.05 - Finding peace within once we let others go.
13.20 - Forgiveness of yourself for hurting others and letting others hurt you.
14.10- The phases of forgiveness and forgiving our families.
15.10 - Ariann’s family history and her childhood experiences.
18.25 - Gene’s, family history and having understanding and compassion for the previous generations.
21.20 - Ancestral Lineage Clearing and how to cultivate forgiveness with the shamanic practice.
25.00 - Generational patterns and unravelling the past through forgiveness.
26.00 - The greatest challenge of forgiveness and letting go of blame.
28.25 - Sexual abuse and women emerging and saying ‘it stops here’.
30.45 - The beginning of forgiveness comes from within each one of us.
33.16 - Forgiving the virus, changing habits and breaking patterns.
36.38 – The bliss of a simple life and the calm that comes along with rest.
38.55 - Karma clearing and bringing issues forward and forgiving.
40.50 -Close.

Ariann Thomas


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