Episode 36 | Authentic Angel Living | Michelle Irene

In Episode 36 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Michelle Irene. Michelle is an author, creator and hosts a range of Angel workshops. She shares with us how living a soulful purpose can change and uplift your life. 

.30 - Introduction and setting intentions for the session.

2.15 – The value of setting intentions and making space to hear. 

4.25 - The universe can show us what we need to see and Maggie’s story of the Cormorant.

7.00 - Breadcrumbs along life’s path left by angels. 

 8.05 - Learning to listen to the calling of life and learning gratitude. 

9.00 - Authenticity, peace, vitality and unapologetic living. 

10.15 - Michelle’s soulful purpose and connection with angels. 

11.25 -   The path to writing a book and, the clear signs Michelle heard. 

14.20 – Writing a book led Michelle on a path of workbooks, cards and classes all with the goal of finding your authentic self. 

17.00 - Angel is a term Michelle uses loosely and shares her thoughts on angels.

18.44 - Connecting to a higher power to discover more about yourself. 

21.10 - The dangers of putting ourselves in a place of comparison. 

22.00 - Teaching children their aptitudes and focusing on your strengths. 

24.00 - Who are we not as an authentic being. 

26.00 - The idea of self-love being derived from fear and comparison. 

25.25 -How Michelle’s life has changed since starting her work with Angels. 

29.40 -Stepping into alignment and feeling the blessings. 

30.35 - Shutting down the loops in our minds and come into alignment with ourselves.

33.25 -The tangible reality of living in your soulful purpose. 

34.00 - The biggest challenge for Michelle as she claims her life as a spiritual author. 

36.35 - Showing up authentically and claiming your role in the lives of others. 

37.10 - Giving yourself an authority and claiming your future self.

40.00 - Michelle gives an example of purpose coming after she trusting the path and allowed yourself to be led.

42.00 -Close


Michelle Irene 


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