Episode 35 | Integrating Spirituality | Vanessa Florence

In Episode 35 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Vanessa Florence. She is the Founder of Dancing Eros, Writer, Artist and Healer. Creativity has played a huge role in Vanessa’s life and she shares with us how we too can use creative techniques to integrate energy into life.

.30 - Introduction and setting intentions for the session.

2.00 -  Vanessa shares her work and Dancing Euros. 

4.15 - Sexuality is not talked about in a way that is healthy in our society. 

5.55 - The menstrual cycles of women and the energetics, and spirituality of sexuality. 

8.10 - The role of sexuality in spiritual awakening for Vanessa. 

10.10 - Vanessa’s journey within the mental health system and integrating awakening became a driving force in her life. 

11.50 - Having an experience that does not fit into the ‘norm’ and the resulting disassociation. 

13.15 - Listening to the deeper initiations which are higher than your logical self. 

15.10 - The practical, creative techniques Vanessa uses to integrate energy into your life. 

17.25 - The value of the routine in grounding ourselves. 

20.00 - Being more aspheric by nature and expanding into your spirituality. 

21.30 - How Vanessa’s perception of life changed after her experience. 

22.44 - Intellectual power and questioning reality, quantum physics and existence. 

24.20 – The perception shift of interconnectedness. 

26.00 - Western Civilisation, purpose, soulfulness and emptiness. 

27.40 - Vanessa’s greatest challenge has been managing her level of sensitivity.

29.50 - The value of flower essences and aromatherapy.

32.00 - Our sick society and owning your sensitivity and feeling your physicality.

33.15 - The value of prayer and connecting to something greater than yourself. 

34.20 - Filling in our nervous system with touch and giving yourself time. 

36.55 - Finding ways to realise we are deserving of tactile experiences. 

38.00 - Connecting to the bigger, poetic unfolding and learning to listen.  

40.25 - In the slowing down you are able to walk down the stairs. 

41.30 - Close.



Vanessa Florence



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