Episode 34 | Healing though Yoga | Jeanie Manchester

In Episode 34 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast, Maggie interviews Jeanie Manchester. She is the founder of Anjaneya Yoga Shala and creator of the Shakti Rise Immersion and planetary upliftment. She shares with us her journey to discovering the power of Yoga and how it has created space for healing in her life. 

.30 - Introduction and setting intentions for the session.

1.50 - Jeanie shares with us her work and her influencers from her 30 years of experience. 

3.25 - The impact of meditation on Jeanie’s life and the changes she experienced. 

5.40 - The higher states of consciousness and healing in our mind through meditation rather than medication.

8.40 - Yoga means to unify and, the unification between mind and body. 

9.20 - Jeanie’s definition of healing.

10.50 - The negative, detrimental memories and patterns, or our pain body. 

 12.00 -  Initonary mantras and melting a mantra inside of you, which bypass the mind and the body.

13.40 - Reacting to life due to wounds vs the ‘vibratory bubble bath’. 

16.00 – Doing the forgiveness work before you heal.

17.00 - Before sleep, we are fully aware but a witness – it is a similar state to meditation. 

18.30 - The science of meditation and the reaction of our nervous system. 

19.20 - The feminine essence and lunar integration into ourselves. 

20.16 - Words are power and they come from our inner state, which is where the healing comes from.

22.45 - We are moving towards a time where truth will be demanded. 

25.00 - Jeanie shares a personal healing journey with her father. 

27.20 - The sly addictive patterns of life can trap you.

28.40 - Body image and divinity. 

32.00 - The goddess law of yoga. 

37.45 - Staring the journey from a place of self-love and checking in with your body. 

39.15 - The physical reactions in our body when we mediate, including balancing hormones. 

41.53 - Surrendering to yoga and the bigger energy. 

42.40 -  Close.



Jeanie Manchester



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