Episode 33 |Harmony with forgiveness | Nicola Fernandes

In Episode 33 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Nicola Fernandes, founder of Self Love with Nicola. She is a Master Shaman and Certified Transformational Coach and shares with us her tips for how to receive harmony with forgiveness. 


 .30 - Introduction and setting intentions for the session.

1.40 - Nicola shares with us her work. 

2.35 - How a Sharman sees forgiveness. 

4.00 - True forgiveness comes with gratefulness.

6.30 - The Peruvian totem animals - the Snake, Jaguar, Hummingbird and the Eagle. 

8.30 - Nicole shares how the four different totems relate to forgiveness. 

8.45 - Following source energy through those who have hurt us. 

11.20 - The importance of forgiveness from a shamanic perspective.

16.50 - Nicola leads us in a transformative and clearing practice. 

20.20 - We then step into harmony with mother earth and reconnect with our bodies.

22.45 - Setting up the emotional connection with jaguar. 

23.15  - Offence, anger and fear.

26.50 - The heartbeat of the earth and reconnecting to mother.

31.50 - Nicola’s greatest challenge with forgiveness. 

33.20 - Lack of self-worth, forgiving yourself and returning to gratitude. 

34.35 - Why forgiveness is the path to becoming whole. 

37.20 - The path of life and the learnings from negative experiences.  

38.50 - The story of the river and pond analogy. 

40.45 – Close. 



Self-Love with Nicola Fernandes.



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