Episode 32 | The SOUL Kit | Elisabeth Villiger Toufexis

In Episode 32 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Elisabeth Villiger Toufexis. She shares some of her top tips from her most recent book, ‘The Soul Kit: first aid for the soul’ as we discuss how to find your soulful purpose. 


.30 - Introduction and setting intentions for the session.

2.00 - Elisabeth shares her purpose for the session and explains her work. 

2.50 - Being born as an unwanted child and how Elisabeth overcame this hurdle. 

4.15 - The definition of Soulful Purpose for Elisabeth. 

4.40 - Respecting the purpose of others and, knowing when to step back.

5.30 - Diversity is the driver of culture in our society and our collective humanitarian challenges. 

7.50 - Claiming the rebellious nature of our soul and stifling childhood confidence.

9.40 - Communication is vital both with each other and with children.

11.25 - Claiming your place in the world and following through with what you say. 

14.00 - Elisabeth, as a life coach, gives us tips for finding our soulful purpose. 

14.30 - Connecting with your inner child and living in the now. 

16.00 - Tapping into the future, or past, is powerful if done intentionally.

21.30 - The power is in how we react. 

24.30 - Elisabeth found her own Soulful Purpose.

28.15 - Being carried away into a creative flow – this is purpose.

30.30 - Fear is a dream killer.

33.20 - Don’t be scared to start small in the pursuit of your goals.  

35.00 - Seeing failure as an asset and a motivation to keep trying.  

38.11 - Kindness is Elisabeth’s superpower.

40.30 -  Close



‘The SOUL Kit’ by Elisabeth Villiger Toufexis



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