Episode 31 | Light And Dark | Jasmeen Hana

In Episode 31 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Co-founder of Queens Forum, Jasmeen Hana. This week we explore both the light and the dark and, how both aspects need to be incorporated into our lives.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork

1.15- Jasmeen shares her work with us.

2.25 - The many ways of rising to our personal heights. 

4.00 - The Light, the dark and embracing totality in ourselves. 

6.20 - Jasmeen is half Egyptian and shares her Ancient Egyptian Shamanic Journeys in Egypt. 

9.20 - The journey and mystery of life and, the meaning of this for Jasmeen. 

11.40 - Accepting yourself as incarnate. 

15.30 - Jasmeen shares a personal spiritual journey as a practical example of spiritual crisis. 

18.00 - Finding your true sense of home.

21.10 - Accepting the mundane as also the most scared part of life.

24.00- Infusing process of the passima and pleasure. 

26.30 - Using bodywork as a form or awakening and Jasmeen’s tools for this

29.00 – Feeling everything, down to the cellular level. 

33.30 - Committing to life as a spiritual journey. 

37.20 - Being present for love and the vulnerability 

38.30 - The Greek term ‘manampoondi’ meaning the collective soul.

41.20 - The realisation that we are all that we see outside. 

42.45 - Jasmeen’s work with shadow and the value of this work. 

45.30- Loving all aspects of yourself – even the grotesque parts. 

 46.50 – Close. 



Jasmeen Hana


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